How to add a shop to your Showit website using Shopify in 2024


Selling with Showit

“Does Showit have e-commerce?” “Can you sell digital products with Showit?” “How about physical products?” I hear those questions pretty often on my DMs, even in the Showit Facebook group (I try to be there answering as many questions as possible!) there is almost always a post that asks about adding a shop to Showit.

So let me teach you how to do just that with some simple steps!

In this post, I will focus on how to add a shop to your Showit website using Shopify Lite or Starter.

Showit doesn’t have a native e-commerce solution, but it’s super flexible and can actually be integrated with a lot of platforms as long as they offer embed codes, or using Woocommerce through the WordPress blog in your account (if you have an Advanced Blog subscription).

So yes, it’s very much possible to sell with your Showit website 🙂 There are a bunch of different options but I think Shopify is a great one for almost any type of business and is quite easy to use.

showit x Shopify Masterclass mock up with preview screens of the course.
Want that passive income asap?

You can launch your new shop in a single day! 🥳

No more guessing what you should do or how. Watch me set up a Shopify store with Showit step by step and start selling today! 💰

When not to use Shopify Buy Buttonns

You know I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, so the shop solution you pick will have to be based on your specific needs.

For example, if you need subscriptions or funnels, Shopify is not for you. But if you need a simple and great shop, Shopify Starter (or Lite if you still have it) is the perfect addition!

I’m a Showit design partner and a Shopify partner, and I absolutely love how these two platforms work together.

How big can your shop be? Is there a limit?

There is actually no limit. I have helped clients with shops that are quite big like this one for Robinson Creative House. You can see her case study and all that we did right here. And she shared her testimonial with behind the scenes, profit, and tools over on Instagram, I saved it on a highlight for you!

You do have to be mindful that this is a manual process, unlike something like Woocommere, so you have to manually create each page and have a great organization system on your back end plus a solid strategy for the shop user experience you want to offer.

If you have those things right, there’s no reason why your shop can’t start big and keep growing!

For those starting out, there is a common “guideline” of keeping products to about 20-30 to make them manageable. So this is all up to you and what you feel is your bandwidth. But it is absolutely possible to sell 1 product or have a big shop. No limits to have that shop on your Showit website!

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Setting up a Shopify Account

Your first step will be to set up a Shopify account and select the Starter tier. Easy peasy. It may look tricky because they want you to get the regular shop, but it’s there, here’s a direct link to it. You should see the $5/mo price (at the time of this article!). If you are on the Lite plan they discontinued, that is $9/mo but it has the capability to do collections so I would recommend keeping it!

It’s quite a discount, but this is basically because you are using your own site to sell instead of their storefront. How nice!!

Now make sure you get in your basic details like:

  • Shop location (important for taxes)
  • Financial information
  • Bank details to get paid
  • Setup their Shopify Payments (my recommendation when using Shopify)
  • Setup your taxes (per your state/country)
  • Customize your notifications (in case you want to customize the emails, otherwise they are quite done for you already)

You can access all of the above settings from the Settings panel (bottom left corner). You will then have a menu like this:

Shopify lite settings behind the scenes

And you can customize the basics of your emails (under Notifications) so that it has your logo and your brand color for the buttons in the emails!

If you decide to edit the emails, please note that Shopify does it in Liquid code, so don’t be afraid of it but be careful of what you change. You can see I highlighted the area that has the plain text:

Want to save this post?

Add Shopify Buy-Button Sales Channel

Now that your account is set with the legal details, it’s time to get the right sales channel! Since we are not using the Shopify storefront, we need to have a Buy-Button Sales Channel to get the embed codes to add to your Showit site.

This is how things will get connected!

Inside Shopify go to Sales Channels and search for “Buy-Button”

Click it to make sure it’s added.

Done. How easy was that 🙂

What you need in Shopify

Inside Shopify you will need to have your actual product details — even if you’re adding them to Showit — because remember that your Shopify account holds the transactional details so make sure you create products that have:

How to add a Buy-Button to your Showit website

First, generate a buy button code in Shopify:

  1. Select “Buy Button” from your sales channels
  2. Select which product
  3. Customize it

Here’s a step by step video for you on how to customize the buy button:

Now add the code to Showit:

  1. Grab the code from Shopify (copy it to your clipboard)
  2. Add an embed box in Showit
  3. Paste the code! 🎉!
Embedded shopify product in Showit

The above shows a Shopify embed code with a full product, but it’s the same for all buy buttons you embed from Shopify!

Remember to check the mobile side of your website as well! The embed box might need a little adjusting on the size handles but you got yourself a new buy button ready to help you sell!

Now you can repeat these processes for as many products as you want 🙂

Helpful Tips

Some things to note with your Showit website shop and how it plays with integrations like Shopify:

  • For buy buttons, don’t repeat them more than once in a single page.
  • Add then to visible canvases only if possible
  • Your sidecart is on the right side, so keep that in mind for design purposes
  • Keep it branded to provide a truly custom experience that feels part of your site
  • Test it! Create a discount code for yourself (don’t tell anyone what it is) and test your transaction so you can see the exact experience a customer will have

Your shop needs strategy. Lean into your customer journey and where they are when they purchase with you.

When you purchase a template that has a Showit shop page already included, like this template we created for wellness coaches, you have a great starting point, but you still want to triple check every link, customize the pages, and the experience to make sure the template works for your needs.

Some Showit website templates will come with a product page already done for you, ready to be duplicated, some will not, some will even have a secondary design — if it does, pick one don’t go crazy using all the variations in your shop if your products don’t actually have a need to be “different”.

When you change up the shopping experience from product to product, you confuse your customer.

A confused mind will not purchase.

Keep things simple and make it easy for people to complete purchases from your new Showit shop.

The process for adding a Shopify embedded buy button to your Showit website is quick and easy, but it can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing or where to start. With this blog post, I hope that I’ve provided some clarity on how to add a shop to your Showit website using Shopify.

If you want a professional to help you build a shop based on strategy and guide you to the best-performing website design for your shop and customer journey, let’s chat! I’m a website designer specialized in helping you monetize your website, so I’m happy to chat about your specific needs. See our shop creation process right here.

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How to add a shop to your Showit website using Shopify Lite
How to add a shop to your Showit website using Shopify Lite

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