a perfect fit brand + website to help you get your dream clients

If you want to build or grow your business with a brand that will be created based on strategy to meet your goals. If you want to attract and entice the right clients. If you want to be professionally represented. If you want a brand that will let you evolve while standing the test of time (because changing looks every 6 months is not healthy for your business). 

Then you need a brand development, not just a logo. The logo is just a part of your brand, a big one indeed, but your brand is so much more. The colors, the tone of voice, the typography, your photography style... In summary: your brand is how your clients feel when they interact with your business.

My job is to help you find clarity and do a little soul searching to start, then we create a brand that will communicate with your clients in the best way possible, taking it to a whole new level. We will make sure your message is heard across. 

branding + web design

Timeline: 8-10 weeks



• Your beautiful new logo 
• Logo variation 
• Custom color palette 
• Handpicked suggested typography 
• 3 marketing collaterals (for example: blog graphic template, one-page information PDF, social media template, business cards, thank you/greeting card, sticker design, etc.)

Note that these are all digital designs, no tangible items are included. 

You will receive your final designs in various file types with instructions on how to use each, I want you to feel empowered and in control of your brand. 



Get your branding and killer website done

• Custom Showit website designed from scratch just for you.
• Includes desktop + mobile version
• Up to 6 pages included

We will work everything through the web. You will have a client portal to keep track of the important things and we will manage our progress inside Trello

web design

Based off your branding guidelines (to catch those dream clients' attention) I will create a custom website from scratch to match your needs! My expertise is with showcase websites, those that will highlight your services, those types of websites that tell your story and make you shine

I will create your website with a goals-driven strategy behind it, so relax, I got you.

I work my web design magic on the Showit5 platform (click here to learn more about it) which is very user friendly, no code knowledge required. Boom. I take care of you like that, because like I've said before: I want you to have total control of your brand and business, I want you to feel empowered to grow and reach all of your goals. 

let's connect

sounds like a plan?

I'm usually booked out a month in advance, so if you feel this is right for you, let's connect to get you on the waitlist! Or if you have any questions I'd love to answer them for you.

What to expect!

Brand developments take an average of 8 - 10 weeks depending on the package selected and client response rate. We will work everything through the web. You will have a client portal to keep track of the important things and we will manage our progress inside Trello.

1 week

Client homework

1 week

You'll have one week prior to your project start date to complete your homework. Don't worry it's quite simple, 2 questionnaires and 10 pins on Pinterest. Boom, done.

Research and sketching

2 weeks

Your project start date has come! I will take your homework and use it to start sketching up the best visual strategy based on your goals.

Brand design proof review

2 weeks

Time to see your very first brand proof! You'll have the opportunity to give me feedback so I can refine your brand to perfection.

Web + Collateral designs

4 weeks

Now we start creating your collateral designs along with your website based on your branding guidelines to keep everything cohesive.

Delivery, woohoo!

This is it. I will prep your final files for delivery, and we are now close to poppin' that bubbly to celebrate your brand new visual identity and website!

building your website

do you have everything ready to start your amazing new website?

There are some key components that are a must-have before we start your website project. 

I highly encourage you to read all about what goes into a website creation with me by clicking on the button below. Go on. Let's make sure you have everything set and ready to go!

just branding or just web design


complete branding experience


If you already have your website and just need a brand refresh, or if you have your branding in place and need a killer website to show it off, this is the plan for you.

Maybe you are looking for MORE. The whole enchilada. A complete branding experience including your custom brand, made from scratch website plus branding imagery to complement it all.

looking for more options?

let's connect

let's connect

my next available project start is for the last week of april.

contact me so we can chat about what you need and if we are a good fit and get you on my calendar!


These are reserved exclusively to my current and past clients, from one-off projects to ongoing visual brand styling support.

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