Showit Shop Design for Robinson Creative House


A custom art and illustration Showit website shop design.

The goal for the Robinson Creative House Showit shop project

Camille is an amazing artist and when she came to me for a shop design, I was thrilled! But let me tell you our project is the perfect example of why I think it’s important you feel comfortable using your website (which is why I use Showit for my clients!).

You see, Camille’s shop was only going to keep growing, and taking into account her growth plans we created a shop ready or the public plus a set of template pages right on the back end of Showit to make it easier for her to keep expanding as much as she wants.

And so she has done! She now has so many more products than when we launched and I couldn’t be prouder to see her thriving!

The tools

A custom art and illustration Showit website shop with responsive design

You have to see Camille’s wins, it’s amazing what good website design can do for you

Before working together, how were you feeling, what was going on that made you reach out?

I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the looooong list of things I needed to do to get the shop up and running. I felt capable of learning HOW to do it, and knew I could probably have eventually figured it out… but I also knew this is one of those back burner things that would have never gotten done if I didn’t hire someone to simply kick my ass into gear!

What hesitations did you have about working with me?

Not really anything with you specifically, but more just a designer all together. I felt sorta silly hiring someone to do design work that I could do? It’s why it took me so long to even reach out. I suffer from “I can make that” syndrome – whether it’s a painting I see, a flower arrangement, a design, a logo, etc. I talk myself out of it because I know I could do it if I wanted to.

What ultimately made you decide to hire me?

You had the credentials I needed – someone who was an amazing designer and understood the technical side of the operations. The site needed to look beautiful, but at the end of the day it also needed to serve a purpose. Aka, make money. You’re familiar with buttons, having “the best” routes for clicking and making sure people don’t abandon items, how to set things up RIGHT the first time.

Let’s celebrate the wins! What results have you achieved since we worked together?

Ahhhh gosh, where do I start!? I did $1200 in sales my first FIVE DAYS! I honestly didn’t think it was possible. I was hesitating about “making the investment worth it” but I’ve basically already made my money back and I’ve been open less than a month. People have commented on the beauty of the site, its simplicity, how easy it is to check out, all the products/services I offer, etc. I feel confident that I can add things to the shop without ruining it haha I feel better about looking professional to my followers who want to support me and just wanted an easier way to do that. I can’t thank you enough!

What was your favorite part about working together?

Oh gosh – your communication and project management. The Asana task list was perfect, I loved being able to watch the videos and follow along. You made it really easy to provide feedback, see things change in real time and everything just felt effortless.

What would you say to someone who is considering hiring me for a project like yours?

DO IT. You wont regret it! I have already referred a couple people who want to do something similar.

Single product page design with image on the left and description on the right
Product category page with multiple products shown in a grid.
Arts and illustrations shop design in the Showit platform with multiple product styles.

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