Intuitive and profitable shops.

Your shop needs to be easy to use and created with your customers in mind.

We design shops inside Showit websites, integrating Shopify Lite or Woocommerce, for profitable results while keeping it easy for you to use and grow your passive income. No time wasted "figuring it out" with endless research. As certified Showit Design Partners and Shopify Partners, we will be sure to get you the best tech fit.

The strategy phase is the backbone to your success. 

We ensure that the right tech stack is picked so you can grow and run your shop with ease. This allows us to build it based on your products and way of working.

We design a website ready with a shop built into your Showit pages so you can have the ultimate flexibility.

If you already have a Showit website and want to incorporate a shop we will develop the shop based on your current website design looks.

Time to celebrate and launch your shop! We will go over our signature launch strategy plan so you can hype your way to success and get more eyes on your shop! We will also provide training videos so you keep growing your shop.

Our signature process to give you the best result.

The shop experience

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Phase 1:
picking the blend

Phase 2:
brewing time

Phase 3:
settle, sip

“Within my first 6 weeks of launching I made over $10,000”

Candace // Be Totally Well

I am still in shock and so is my husband (who was reluctant on everything). Literally everyone was wowed by my website and loved the organic clean fresh feel of it.

I honestly was scared to launch a shop. Something I’ve never done but once I saw the product photography and how well it fit with the new brand and the website, I knew it was gonna sell.

I should have booked her sooner.

Take a look at my website and product photography and just do it. Her work speaks for itself.”

“I was hesitating about making the investment worth it but I’ve basically already made my money back and I’ve been open less than month.”

Camille //robinson House Creative

“People have commented on the beauty of the site, its simplicity, how easy it is to check out, all the products/services I offer, etc. 

I feel confident that I can add things to the shop without ruining it haha I feel better about looking professional to my followers who want to support me and just wanted an easier way to do that. I can’t thank you enough!”

Are you ready to finally add a shop to your existing site?

Investment starts at $7500

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Packages + pricing guide

See our detailed package deliverables, process timeline overview, and services financing information.

Frequently asked questions

What's the investment?

Each project is custom quoted to ensure it's exactly what you need, but our packages and prices are detailed and listed over at our pricing guide. Click here to see it.

How long is the project?

Our brand + website project timeline is 8 weeks from the kick off until the end. This ensures enough time for strategy, branding, website design and development and of course, feedback on every stage. 

What website platform will my website use?

We will build your site on Showit and integrate either Shopify Lite or Woocommerce depending on your shop needs. You can read more about Showit over in our blog, we have some comparison information between platforms.

Can I add a membership?

Of course! Those are our specialty :) You can learn more about having a membership with your Showit site by clicking here.

What do I need for my project?

We will do all the heavy lifting, but there are some requirements to ensure the best project results. You can read about those in our Pricing Guide page. Click here to access.


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