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Not gonna lie, I was so skeptical. My friend and I were chatting about changes in our business email marketing and I told her I was still between platforms (because one has all that visual builder at a good price, and the other has all the integrations). And then she shared Flodesk with me.

If you’ve been around enough you’ve noticed I email my list so very sporadically… like, once every quarter. That goes against all that I teach my clients because I am not giving them the best customer services, I am not nurturing them as I should.

I kept blaming it on the fact that if I stayed on Convertkit I had to navigate through all my HTML templates (eww code…). If I stayed with MailerLite I was still going to do some manual integrations, so still not good.

Enter Flodesk. Mind blown 🤯. I told you, I was skeptical, I didn’t want to try yet another platform and be disappointed with the classic “it would be great if…”. There were no ifs.

Beautiful interface and layouts for the creative brains

The Flodesk interface is gorgeous, simple, and minimalist. Once you try it and you see how beautifully it displays while being non-obtrusive, you’ll fall in love.

For example, see the emails section, here you have all your emails that are scheduled, sent, drafts, and even archived, but each section can be viewed alone or just see all your emails at once.

Behind the scenes look at Flodesk email marketing section.

And then your forms! Ah, I love it because I can see the forms, how many people have opted-in, and quickly grab the embed code. And it’s still all clean and minimalist (my heart is happy).

Behind the scenes look at the forms section in Flodesk email marketing.

Behind the scenes: Writing your first email with Flodesk

I know new platforms can be scary because there is always a learning curve, but I am pretty sure you’ll find this one easier than you think! And more so if you’re a Showit user because you’ll find yourself in a visual builder with drag-and-drop functionality, just like with Showit.

And you can start from scratch and build your own email marketing templates (super helpful to speed up your work time), or you can pick from their array of templates, which are very pretty and functional.

Here’s an in-depth look at the interface and building that first email:

Ok did you see that? Clean and still super personalized. One thing that I care for very much is the user experience in all of my brand and website projects, now, I always want to translate that and keep things super cohesive on every single client touchpoint, and with Flodesk you have that open road to make it as branded as you want. And as you can tell, the options and arrangements work perfectly well for creative entrepreneurs!

One price for unlimited everything

When you think of your list growing, it brings excitement but it can also bring some bummer due to the fact that every single email platform penalizes you for being awesome and growing your list. That is until Flodesk. For real, that is the first thing that got my attention: It’s in private beta, and you have the opportunity to lock it at $19 a month, for as long as you have your account, no matter how big you grow your list when you sign up from an affiliate link (just like I did). Click here to lock yours and start your trial, see if this is the right platform for you.

From the inside-out, this woman-lead business is well thought. Mad respect for the movement they are starting with this. Their company fulfills many wishes: it’s effective, it’s pretty, and it’s affordable. So that means that you can get to growing your list, no matter where you are in your journey.

Embedding your Flodesk forms in Showit

Let’s say you want to actually start growing your email list and share your freebies. My friend, let me show you how to add your Flodesk forms to your Showit site:

It’s just as easy if you are using Elementor, here’s how to embed your Flodesk forms

And of course, if you’re using Elementor in WordPress (either because you have yet to discover how amazing Showit is, or maybe you’re using Elementor with the blog component of Showit), here’s how to add the forms to your site as well:

I’m hooked. This was so easy, and I now have an array of templates done (because, I seriously moved my whole list, forms, workflows into Flodeks in one day). And I have my workflows all set to nurture my email list after downloading my freebies. No more hiding, I want my subscribers to see how much I pour into every email I send. They have opened the door to their inbox, I want to honor that with value and pleasant, branded emails. No plain, spammy looking emails, k thanks.

I will be creating a mini course to show you how to set up your workflows so you can nurture your list and grow your value ladder.

Sign up for a trial and if it fits your needs, lock it at 50% off for your first year! 🎉

iMac computer sitting on a desk with flowers behind it and a graphic that reads Flodesk is the best email marketing platform for creatives.
iMac computer sitting on a desk with colorful photos in a collage behind it and a graphic that reads why I switch to flodesk and get 50% off

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