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Let me demystify how Showit blogs work with WordPress, making magic, turning your blog into the pretty little thing it is without the need of code.

First things first: Showit is your design platform

And your host. And your main page builder… You knew that, right? Well, it is. Showit is the builder platform, what you see is what you get. And if you don’t need a blog, it is where you put all your content. These are called “Pages” inside your Showit app.

Now, if you are reading this, then you have a blog or are considering one. You’re going to need a Tier 2 (regular Showit blog, predetermined plugins) or a Tier 3 (advance blog tier where you can use plugins outside of the preloaded ones). Now we have WordPress added into the mix! 🎉

If you’ve used WordPress before then you know that your site looks the way it does because of the theme you are using, which contains the design layout. Well, the beauty of having a Showit blog is that now you can design it how you want it to look right in the Showit builder, and then just log into your WordPress side (which can be found by adding /wp-admin after your URL) without worrying about the looks because you’ve already set that up on the Showit side. All you have to do is go make some awesome blog posts to engage with your audience!

The tech side of how it’s all working:

Showit is your builder. When you publish it creates a theme inside WordPress, automatically.

Updating your Showit WordPress blog

This is really simple and you’re going to love it. Once you get hit with some inspiration or it’s time to refresh your blog layout you simply update the layout inside of the Showit builder and then hit Publish. ✅

Done. (Just like when I showed you how to create a Showit landing page for Instagram so you can ditch Linktree and other third-party apps.)

It will automatically update the theme files over on WordPress. It literally overrides them. All on the back end of it, you only have to look at the Showit builder, make your changes, and publish, no code, ever.

So really, Showit is your builder (and new favorite website builder) and WordPress will act as your database where you go ahead and blog to your heart’s content. If you want me to go over how things work a little more in-depth (like the tags inside the builder to tell WordPress what content should go where) just let me know on an Instagram DM and I can do a follow-up post!


How Showit and WordPress work together. The easy way to understand the connection between these.
How Showit works with WordPress
How Showit and WordPress work  for your blog

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