Leveraging Brand Archetypes for Business Growth



Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and create a powerful, authentic connection with your ideal clients? 

In the latest episode of The Inspired Brew, I go over brand archetypes and how you can leverage these timeless personalities to create a marketing strategy that feels magnetic and irresistible.

If you’re not familiar with brand archetypes, they’re essentially a set of universal characters or personas that represent specific values, traits, and motivations. 

Think of iconic brands like Nike (the Hero), Apple (the Creator), or Airbnb (the Explorer) — each of these companies has tapped into the power of archetypes to create a brand that resonates on a deep, emotional level with their target audience.

And in this episode, I’m breaking down exactly how you can do the same for your own business. 

Inside this episode:

  • Brand archetypes and why they matter for business growth
  • How brand archetypes help create emotional connections
  • Specific strategies for infusing your archetype into your messaging, offers, visuals, and customer experience
  • Real-world examples of businesses that have leveraged archetypes to stand out and thrive in their markets

Key action steps you can take right now to start leveraging your brand archetype for growth:

1. Read a more in-depth view of the archetypes, and take the Brand Archetype Quiz to uncover your own unique archetype >>

2. Review your current messaging, offers, and visuals through the lens of your archetype. Where can you start making small tweaks to better reflect your brand personality?

3. Choose one key area of your business (like your website copy or your signature offer) and give it a full archetypal makeover. Notice how it feels to create something that’s deeply aligned with your brand essence.

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[00:00:00] I’m going to give you a view on brand archetypes that has a focus on leveraging them for optimizing your conversion rates, making strategic money, making moves, all the things that are going to be connected to you, making more revenue, because there’s so many things that brand archetypes can do for you. 

But that is where I get to shine. I like making sure that you make more money in your business so that you can continue growing it. 

Welcome to the Inspired Brew, a podcast for small businesses crafted with intention for coaches and creatives alike. I’m Ingrid, your host and resident brand and web designer. In each episode, I’ll bring you insights, tips, and tricks to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking into taking your business to the next level.

I got you covered, so grab your favorite brew Sit back, and let’s get inspired. .

Welcome back to another episode of the inspire brew, where we explore actionable strategies and game changing insights to help you unleash your brand’s full [00:01:00] potential and grow your business. 

I’m Ingrid, your host, And I know that I say that with so many things, but this is one that drives direct revenue connection. It guides your brand. It’s basically your blueprint. And that’s your brand archetype. So what exactly our brand archetypes. And why should you even care about them. In a nutshell, your brand archetype is going to be like your character, your persona, that personality that you’re giving to your brand. It gives you a specific set of values and traits and motivations, because that way we can potentially, embody one with a sprinkle of another archetype, there’s 12 of them. 

So think of these as the personality cherry on top, that you’re going to put on your brand and that’s, what’s going to show up to the world and that’s how we connect with the target audience. And that’s why it’s that connection piece that makes that conversion happen. But here’s the thing. Your brain archetype is not just going to be [00:02:00] another branding exercise. 

It’s going to be fun. It’s make a quiz about it. And I do have a quiz and all that on the blog, but this is the powerful tool that you will use to create that emotional resonance, to be able to trust it, to really drive your people to the conversion points. So that’s where you see your business results happen, right? When you type into the right archetype for your brand, you can create a lot more targeted marketing messages and really hone the experience that feels magnetic to your ideal clients. 

And that translates into more conversions, more sales, more revenue. So for example, Let’s say that you’re a life coach who helps high achieving women overcome burnout and reclaim their joy. If your brand embodies a caregiver type of archetype. You might create a nurturing, very supportive brand voice, something that makes your clients feel seen, heard, valued, see how everything is going into that [00:03:00] nurturing piece, because it’s a caregiver. So you might offer maybe like a burnout to bliss, coaching package or something that positions you in that caring guide in their journey because you truly care about their wellbeing. And you might use, like in your messaging, soothing, compassionate language, and your visuals are in that same tone throughout your website, your marketing materials, your social, to reinforce that caregiver energy, and build that trust with the audience that will resonate with your message. Or let’s say that we are going onto the end of the spectrum and let’s go for a bold unconventional coach who was going to help entrepreneurs break the rules and create their own version of success. 

So that particular brand might align with the outlaw archetype. And it might create a rebellious kind of very unapologetic brand voice. That challenges, the status quo and inspires clients to think differently and maybe their offers instead of being that caring piece of what we’re talking [00:04:00] about, it’s going to be more of that Renegade CEO, or maybe like a mastermind program that positions them as the mentor or the Maverick that did it before that helps them blaze their own trail. 

And they might be using something like very edgy, disruptive language, and the visuals might be very bold and really reflecting that outlaw spirit. To attract those kinds of clients that are going to feel like, yeah, I absolutely need this kind of like rule breaking because I am tired of where I’m at right now. 

And I want to see success in that particular way. So we all aligned with something different, right? The point is that when you understand and really embody that brand archetype, that you’re giving your brand, you have a powerful framework to really create that marketing message and the experiences and the offers that will resonate on a deep, emotional level in that will in turn drive real results for your business. So let’s go over how you can leverage the power of brand archetypes to boost those conversions and creative [00:05:00] profitable purposeful marketing strategy for your brand. So grab your favorite beverage, get cozy and let’s dive in.

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 So let’s talk about why understanding your brand archetype is so crucial for your business growth and success. As an [00:06:00] entrepreneur, small business, standing out in the market, it’s essential. That’s what’s going to get you positioned. But it’s not easy. And that is where brand archetype will help you. Start getting a better positioning blueprint. 

So when you tap into the brand archetype, you’re going to give your brand a unique personality, right? So that’s going to make it recognizable. And it’s going to set you apart from your competition because you’re creating consistent and super cohesive. Brand experience, brand messaging, everything that just makes it feel authentic and resonate with your target audience. Most importantly, you’re going to build that like deep, emotional connection with those clients. 

And that kind of connection is what inspires loyalty trust and that longterm business growth, because they have to trust you in order to buy from you. So think about some of the most iconic brands out there, like Apple, Nike, Harley-Davidson.

And we know them without having to look at everything that they’re putting out there because they are big companies. They have a set of values. [00:07:00] And they go pass the products and the services that they offer. Everything feels the same. They’ve tapped into that power of the archetype. And they created a brand experience that feels unforgettable and irresistible because obviously they sell a lot to the ideal type of customers that they want to attract. 

So they are not for everyone. And that’s okay. We are not for everyone either. So we want to make sure that. We are very clear into who are we trying to attract? Going with this big companies example because everybody knows them. Apple embodies the creator archetype. They’re all about innovation, creativity, and thinking outside of the box. That archetype is reflected in everything from their sleek minimalist product design to their think different messaging. 

And it’s a big part of why their customers are so loyal. I myself have been a loyal apple customer for years. They’re not just buying the technology, honestly, we like it, but it’s what it represents [00:08:00] and how they bring out the creative pieces in us as the customers. With their different kind of way of doing things. Or let’s look at something that goes a little bit more into the personal side of things. 

So Airbnb, they embody the Explorer, archetype, their whole brand is built around the idea of adventure, curiosity, embracing new experiences. From there belong anywhere, tagline to the emphasis on unique local accommodations. Everything is tapping into that Explorer energy. And that is a huge part of why they’ve been so big and just like growing into the markets, able to disrupt the travel industry and build honestly, a very engaged customer base. So here’s the thing. 

I don’t want you to think that, okay. Yeah, they have to be big and global. No, every single brand can tap into a brand archetype. And in fact, as a small business owner or a solopreneur, when you understand and leverage your brand archetype, you can be more [00:09:00] impactful because we are a smaller, we have more direct contact with our people. When you’re clear when you’re consistent with your brand personality, you’re going to attract the right people. AKA the ones that you want to share your values with because they also resonate with that message. And they in turn are eager to invest in what you have to offer. 

So I’m going to bring you an example from a client. We worked together a few years ago. And she was struggling to stand out in her area. She’s a counselor. And she was doing all the right things. She was creating content building. Her email is offering free discovery calls. But she wasn’t connecting with her ideal clients. Precisely. 

So her growth was stagnant. And we went down the rabbit hole of her brand, her values, and we positioned her into the Sage archetype. So it was all about wisdom and learning, empowering her clients with knowledge. We wanted to position her as a thought leader, right? So we completely revamped her brand strategy to reflect that Sage [00:10:00] energy. 

We focused on positioning her as the expert. And develop a site to share that wisdom. In a very simple, yet very impactful way because her side was actually a one pager. If you can believe that. But the results were great because within two weeks of launching, she had a full roster of dream clients. 

She completely booked out. She actually got a license in another state as well. So she grew and she established herself as a recognized leader in her industry. So my challenge to you is. Can you take some time to understand a little bit more of what would be your ideal brand archetype? What kind of values and traits would define your brand? 

What kind of personality do you want to embody as the brand? Let alone you. I want you to separate the business, if it mimics so much of you then. Great. But think about the brand itself, your business, how are you. going to infuse? That archetype into every touch point from your website, copy to your offer suite to [00:11:00] your customer experience. 

Because when you do that, when you create a brand that feels authentic and memorable and irresistible to your clients, that’s when you start seeing real sustainable business growth. And that’s what I’m all about.

Let’s talk a little bit about how you can identify your own brand archetype. This is where the magic happens. This is where you get to uncover that unique personality and the energy that’s going to the find your brand, and you can start infusing it into every aspect of your business and your marketing strategy. So if you’re not familiar with the 12 main brand archetypes, don’t worry. These are very self-explanatory with their names. And a lot of people have a couple of different names for some of them, but in the general gist of it, They are the innocent, the, every man. The hero. The outlaw, the Explorer, the creator, the ruler, the magician, the lover, the caregiver, the [00:12:00] Jester, and the Sage. Each of these archetypes represent a different set of values, traits and motivations. 

And one of them is likely a perfect fit for your brand. But if not, then we can always have a sprinkle of other archetypes into our own identification. So don’t feel like you have to fit one box and that’s it. Most brands will have at least two. How do you figure out which archetype is right for your business? So simplest of ways is asking yourself a couple of questions. 

What are your brand core values and beliefs? What principles guide everything that you do? That’s question number one. The question number two, one is your brand’s mission or purpose. What is the impact that you want to have on your clients and in the world? Think about it really hard. So don’t feel that you have to answer that in five seconds. Question number three. 

What kind of personality do you want your brand to have, do you want it to be bold and rebellious? Nurturing, supportive wise, [00:13:00] insightful. Give those additives. Big thought and put those down on paper. You’re going to get those to connect to your brand archetype. Now, last question that I want you to ask yourself is what do you want your clients to feel when they interact with your brand? Do you want them to feel safe? 

Do you want them to feel supported? Do you want them to be inspired, to feel empowered? Or something else entirely like you decide what you want them to feel. And as you answer these questions, you’ll start to see patterns that emerge certain values, traits, words, emotions, things that are coming up. Those patterns will point you towards your brand archetype. For example, let’s say that you’re a health coach who is all about helping women feel confident and energized and in control of their wellbeing. 

You are driven by. desire to empower them to really help them transform their lives. You have a warm and very supportive personality. So you want that infuse into your brand. Awesome. But you’re also [00:14:00] not afraid to give some tough love when needed and you want your clients to feel very motivated and very inspired so that they can take bold action. Based on those qualities, you might identify your brand. 

Archetype has combination of the caregiver and the hero. So the caregiver archetype reflects your nurturing, the supportive side of things. Your desire to help them feel safe and cared for while the hero archetype reflects your powering action-oriented side. Your mission to inspire your clients, to be their own heroes and take bold steps towards their goals. Or let’s go with a different example. Maybe you are a business coach who helps entrepreneurs scale their companies and achieve wild success. And as you explore your brand personality and the values and all of these questions that we went through, you realize that you want to help your clients think big and take risks. 

You have an [00:15:00] unconventional rule-breaking spirit, and you want your clients to feel empowered and inspired to take action, ready to disrupt their industries. So in that case, your brand archetype might actually be a combination of the outlaw and the magician. So the outlaw archetype is going to reflect the rebelious very unconventional side of things that the sire to break the rules and challenge the norms while the magician is going to reflect your transformative visionary side. So the ability to help your clients achieve what they think it’s impossible for them at that moment, when they, before they meet you before they still working with you and to really create that magic in their business. 

So that transformation comes from the magician. Of course, these are just examples and there are infinite combinations and variations of brain archetypes and yours will be totally unique to you and your business. The archives are not here to be a limit or a box they are to help guide you and give [00:16:00] you a lot better consistency and cohesiveness into putting out your message. 

The key is to keep digging deep and to stay really true to your authentic and how you want your brand to be portrayed and trust that your intuition is right. Explore the different archetypes and go with your gut. If you’re still feeling stuck or unsure, don’t worry. I got a great resource to help you out. I created a free brand archetype quiz that will get you through the process of identifying your archetype. 

And it will give you a selection of a couple of mixes based on your answers. It’s super quick. It’s just six questions. And that’s up in the blog. If you want to do that. So once you identify your brand archetype, the real fun begins because now you have a powerful framework for creating marketing messages, your offers adjusting how you want your client experience. 

That really feels authentic and like magnetic and irresistible for those ideal clients. 

So how do you actually leverage your brand archetype in your business? There are a few key areas that I want you to [00:17:00] start with. Obviously you can do more or less or just find different ways, but these are the ones that I would recommend so that you can start infusing that archetypetal energy into your brand. First your brand, voice and messaging. 

That is going to be one of the biggest keys, the language and tone that you use in your website, or copy your social media posts, your email marketing, and really any other communication that you have it should reflect your brand archetype. For example, if your archetype is the Sage. Your messaging might be wise and insightful and very educational. If you’re an outlaw, maybe your voice is a little bit more bold and rebellious and a little bit edgy. 

You have a very peculiar way of choosing words. The keys to create a consistent and recognizable brand voice that feels authentic to you and to your brand. And in this case, your archetype, so that it resonates with your ideal clients. The second is your offers and services. Your archetype can also guide the way that you structure. And position your offers. 

So for example, [00:18:00] if you’re a caregiver brand, you might create a high touch coaching program that provides a lot of personal support and nurturing. And if you are a creator brand, then you might also offer a DIY course or a tool kit that empowers your clients to be creative and innovative. So it’s really about how will your architect values and traits be reflected into how you package and deliver your services. Third, your visual branding. 

I think that you were waiting for this. But your archetype should also influence your visual branding, things like your logo, your color palette, your website design, the imagery that you use. So for example, if you are an innocent brand, then. You might use soft and pastel tones and whimsical playful imagery, or if you were a ruler brand that you might use something a little bit more bold and some Regal colors and. It’s all going to be into design elements and how that sophistication is going to be coming through. The goal is to create emotional response in your audience. 

We are evoking feelings, right? [00:19:00] So we want to make sure that we are evoking the right ones. And fourth your customer experience. Think about how you’re going to infuse your archetype into the end to end customer experience. From the way that you onboard new clients to the way that you deliver the services all the way to the follow-up and the nurturing of the relationships. Every single touch point is an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand archetype and create a super memorable impactful. Really. A unique experience for your clients. 

So your immediate money-making move is to take a look at your own business, through the lens of your brand archetype. And look for where can you start infusing more of that energy into your messaging? Or how can you align your offers to it? Or is there something in your visuals that you need to tweak to make sure that it is fully cohesive with what you want to put out there? 

So how can you create a brand that feels like the fullest, most authentic expression of who you are and what you stand for? That is what your brand [00:20:00] archetype will help you identify. Because when you do that, when you create a brand that resonates on a deep, emotional level with your ideal clients, that’s when you start seeing real sustainable growth and impact.

Timestamps overview

00:00 Matching brand archetype to market for success.
03:30 Unconventional coaching for entrepreneurs, leveraging brand archetypes.
06:38 Authentic brand connection inspires loyalty and growth.
12:14 Define brand archetype based on core values.
14:09 Identify brand archetypes, roles, and characteristics.
19:05 Infuse brand archetype into customer experience for impact.

If you’re ready to create a brand that feels authentic, memorable, and irresistible to your dream clients, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Tune in now to find your brand’s superpower and start leveraging the timeless power of archetypes for your business growth.

For a deeper dive into the world of brand archetypes, be sure to check out my comprehensive blog post here, where I cover the 12 archetypes in detail and provide even more examples and strategies for infusing them into your brand.

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