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I'm Ingrid, welcome!  I'm a branding designer + Showit Design Partner, doggy mamma and tea lover.

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A commercial photography Showit website design

We worked on: Jen is a master at senior photography, and she brings more experiences to her clients by offering portrait sessions, and commercial brand sessions. We wanted to make sure the senior photography experience was the main focus so her client can connect with her, her personality, and see the quality she brings to […]

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Running an online business is hard. Running a creative online business is even harder. Why? Well, we are kinda not made with systems built into our brain. And a good OBM will help you setup the right systems for you, and those will typically use a good CRM. My top choice? Honeybook   ✨ Want […]

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So many DMS, emails, voice messages asking the same questions. You have answered them over and over, and yet they keep coming. That one thing you are known in your industry for, that one amazing process you have, that’s what others keep asking about. Some might be a bit shameless and ask without even having […]

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Flodesk and Interact integration

For my amazing creatives using Interact quizzes to grow your engagement and email list all at once, I have a wonderful tutorial for you! This is all about getting your Interact quiz leads into your Flodesk account.  Let’s get this party started, shall we? What you’ll need: First and foremost, you need an Interact account […]

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How to connect Flodesk and Zapier integration

All about the beta As you know I’ve been in love with Flodesk and how it changed my way of staying in contact with my audience, growing my emails list, and just genuinely delivering better content (both visually and value). Now, here’s a beautiful thing you might have heard was happening: Flodesk and Zapier are […]

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Not gonna lie, I was so skeptical. My friend and I were chatting about changes in our business email marketing and I told her I was still between platforms (because one has all that visual builder at a good price, and the other has all the integrations). And then she shared Flodesk with me. If […]

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