Stylish Showit custom website and brand refresh for Jennifer Denton Photography


iPad view of stylish, creative photography Showit website design and brand refresh.

We worked on:

Jen is a master at senior photography, and she brings more experiences to her clients by offering portrait sessions, and commercial brand sessions. We wanted to make sure the senior photography experience was the main focus so her client can connect with her, her personality, and see the quality she brings to the sessions, while also making the brand commercial photography shine so she can grow that side of her business.

The results:

An elevated brand representation that highlights Jen’s editorial and high-end photography experience she brings to her clients. An online brand positioning with a website that has put her on page 1 for Brand Photography in San Antonio, TX since we launched her new website experience, which perfectly compliments one of the goals for our work together.

Invest in yourself. Ingrid knows her stuff and will take the time to work with you to discover your brand, hone your messaging, and create a website and brand portfolio that will showcase the best of who you are and what you do. She has a keen sense of style, and has done the research.

Ingrid takes the time to make sure things are right, ensuring that you fully understand every step and how to maintain what you have built together going forward. She will take all of the pieces of the puzzle and paint you the picture. Don’t hesitate. Just do it.

– Jen

We had to opportunity to shoot Jen in her element to take behind the scenes video of her signature senior experience, and it was pure magic.

Jen flew us down to San Antonio, TX and we had 2 days of shooting. One dedicated to her new product photography showcase, and one to follow her around shooting behind the scenes video of her Signature Senior Portrait Experience.

We focused on both her and the senior experience to get a handful of mini clips to use on her website as well as a full highlight video of the experience so future clients can feel what it will be like to have her as their photographer.

Product photography: showcasing her gorgeous studio products

Part of the refresh to Jennifer Denton Photography’s brand was to make sure we accentuated the high-quality of her service and products. And a perfect way to do so while bringing immediate impact was to have her products shot in her studio with her new brand color and fresh editorial look represented.

These images are to be used on her social media and other marketing channels, but we shot them intentionally to be used on her website to compliment the new design.

The brand tone + rationale:

The refreshed brand creates a fun, creative, and caring vibe that Jen is characterized and well-known for by all her clients (and friends!).

Jen’s new brand identity offers readers a glimpse into what to expect when visiting Jennifer Denton Photography’s website or having a photo session with her; timeless and extremely high-quality photography with a high-touch client experience as she never skips on the details and pours her heart into each client. The design elements intentionally and thoughtfully work together to create a personable, unique, and stylish look + feel that elevates the brand positioning in her market.

Key words:

Fun – Creative – Authentic – Personable – Unique – Stylish – Elegant – Attentive – Caring – Timeless

The website

We created an editorial style website in Showit for Jennifer Denton Photography. Key elements that elevate and support the brand aesthetics are video, clean pages, magazine style layouts, overlay effects, and curated imagery.

Responsive desktop, tablet, and mobile view of a stylish, creative photography Showit website design and brand refresh.

Our project in Jennifer’s own words…

Before working together, how were you feeling, what was going on that made you reach out?

I had done a brand update and website redesign a few years ago, but my business model had shifted a bit. You were recommended to me by Liz at Lux and Vita, who was working with me on my back office sysytems. After getting to know you a bit through social media, I loved the way you talked about branding and web design, so I took the plunge.

What hesitations did you have about working with me?

I really didn’t have any hesitations. There was probably a thought for a moment of, after rebranding three years ago, will I really get as much out of it as I am investing? I absolutely did. That first brand refresh video clinched it.

What ultimately made you decide to hire me?

Blind faith, and a trusted business referral. Strong women support other strong women!

Let’s celebrate the wins! What results have you achieved since we worked together? (Tell me everything: wins, income, confidence boost, words that others have said to you…)

I just had my first booking from a straightup google search for a San Antonio branding photographer (not senior!), and apparently I was halfway down page one. First, I was on page one! Also, she viewed my website and chose me based on what she saw. Awesome!!

Also, I have gotten tons of great feedback from my clients and other photographers about my site. They love the video headers and the entire look of the site. The site is professional, engaging, clean, holds interest, and makes me look like a rock star!

What was your favorite part about working together?

The synergy, the time spent brainstorming and creating the content together, your visit and spending those two days together making magic, and the shared playlists!! Your willingness to work with me to help me feel comfortable with it all was so valuable. OK, truth time….just getting to know you and call you friend!

Is there anything you would have liked to see done differently?

Not that I can think if, no.

Jen’s new brand & website are something to experience first-hand, so go ahead to and see it yourself! 💜

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