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Laura Lee is an amazing woman changing lives. She created Color Joy to expand her reach and help others with anxiety and stress reduce it by coloring. She has so much experience on dealing with difficult situations, she is the perfect example that everything is possible.

Her monthly membership was a pleasure to create, and she has some super cool features that will make it different from what’s out there in the market (a color book pdf subscription was special enough, but these just make it perfect for her and her members).

Take a peek at her fully responsive landing page

ColorJoy's new membership design by Penguin Designing running in the Showit platform.

She not only has new PDFs delivered monthly to her members in their dashboard, but we implemented a “time feature” where past content, from the date you joined, is not available, so everything you see is fresh. But if you absolutely want the past content, there’s a handy shop where you can see everything that has been added to membership. Bonus awesomeness for her members and for her!

That creates commitment from her people to actually use the wonderful membership they’re in, and it bring Laura more income opportunities.

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How we started her membership project with Showit

And all this strategic building? It happened over the course of 2 hrs of strategy session. We map out everything before I even touch a design tool. Then it’s my time to connect the dots and bring the technology together by picking the right plugins, create the right pages, etc. Because again, there is NO cookie cutter answer. There is not one plugin that I would recommend for aaaall memberships. Your membership has unique needs and features that maybe even a super expensive plugin does not cover. And it’s ok. You have to have what works for you and for your members!

We want to always provide the best experience for THEM. Your membership will thrive if you put the right strategies in motion.

hands coloring with watercolors a Color Joy color page.

Also, can I just gush over the images we created for her membership? Branded, oh yeah!

We take care of all details when we work together, see our process.

But let’s now hear it interview style from Laura herself:

Before working together, how were you feeling, what was going on that made you reach out?

I was overwhelmed – I felt confident that I could do what needed to be done, but the learning curve was too great and I wanted to launch sooner rather than later. Knowing that you were a photographer, brand designer, showit designer, AND you knew how to build a membership…!? Who does that?? YOU DO! And, I so appreciate you!

What hesitations did you have about working with me?

Absolutely none!

What ultimately made you decide to hire me?

Other than the recommendations that I got from other people, you were very helpful to everyone inside the showit user group – freely sharing your knowledge. I appreciated that so very much. There are many people who like to, as we called it in the Navy, “build castles.” In other words, they didn’t like to share their knowledge for a variety of reasons…it made them feel important, they felt indispensable, and they liked being king of the castle. When you share your knowledge, you’re empowering people.

Let’s celebrate the wins! What results have you achieved since we worked together?

Right now, my wins are simply learning the backend – I have a background in MIS/Cybersecurity/IT, etc., and besides being a computer programmer in a former life I was also a software tester. So, trying to find things that might go wrong before my first customers onboard, is kind of what I do. The time I’ve had to play around is helpful because I’ll be better equipped when my customers have a problem.

What was your favorite part about working together?

ALL THE THINGS! You made yourself so available – loved the zoom calls and the loom videos. I appreciated your expertise and your willingness to give me your feedback and your input even when it was indirectly related to the site build. I valued your opinions. I loved your personal touches – the little surprise gifts that showed up in the mail. Not only were they a sweet gesture, but they showed you were really paying attention to me and what I like.

What would you say to someone who is considering hiring me for a project like yours?

DO IT! Having you create the site and the membership for me took so much off my plate. It was a huge burden that was lifted and allowed me the time to do all the other business related things that needed to be done before my launch. After you showed me all the back end info, I cringed at the thought of trying to figure it all out on my own by trial and error, and on top of all the other things I was doing. You set me up for success! I can’t wait to launch!

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iPad view of wellness membership site

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I work with people who want to start a membership service. I research which technology (plugins) will be the best for you, and design your membership to match your website and brand. I develop it in Showit, and teach you how to maintain it when our project is completed so you can keep growing it successfully!

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