Colorful, modern, & feminine branding and Showit website design for The City Organic


The City Organic’s Website is Live! 🎉

The City Organic is a blog and resource built with a passion for all things low-tox living. Katie has tips and innovative ways to help other start making the switch, slowly and sustainably, to a lower toxic lifestyle with better-for-you foods and even everyday things like makeup! She shares her journey and helps others get started with simple steps.

Goals accomplished

The primary goal was to have a website that would help her readers understand a little bit more about why they should be buying low-tox products as well as give them resources to help them understand how to make the switch.

All while growing Katie’s email list and awareness for her Youtube and social channels to grow her community.

We achieved this by creating shapes and patterns for a vibe that was modern and feminine, with organic touches, a fun color palette with warm tones to focus on the positive energy brought through color psychology.

Standing out in the content creator arena is done by having a unique visual brand to help you share your story.

We worked together on:

The rebranding process

Aesthetic creative direction and brand expansion with logo design for The City Organic was the first phase in a complete brand overhaul so she could launch with the best visuals forward. I started by meeting with Katie to discuss what she wanted her brand to communicate. We talked about taking some of the key values that she wanted to reflect and making them more recognizable through design.

We wanted her logo to represent her brand from an aesthetic standpoint, as well as an informational so it’s clear who she targets, so we took some time brainstorming ideas for how this could be done by refining her old logo.

The final logo can be suited for multiple content pillars to keep speaking to a conscious feminine audience, lifestyle-oriented, looking for that non-toxic changes they can implement.

It’s all in the details: Color psychology

Summer with a touch of autumn — that is what her palette brings to the brand with the perfect balance to support the aesthetic and the connection.

Remember people will judge your business with the first impression, so it’s important that color helps guide that interaction.

modern and warm color palette for The City Organic designed by Penguin Designing

The Summer Season in color psychology is full of organic details, and feminine touches with a polished approach. Summer can be seen as approachable without being too bubbly like Spring. The Autumn Season brings in a community feeling with warm welcoming vibes.

The importance of a recognizable brand

A recognizable brand is a critical factor when it comes to any business.

When designing logos, we try our best to understand what the company stands for and how this can be communicated in an aesthetically pleasing manner. A logo should convey the brand’s values without overwhelming the viewer with information — the logo is just a mark, a part of the puzzle, it’s not whole your brand!

The City Organic’s mission is to help people make the switch from toxic products in their everyday life to healthier ones. An obvious way of doing this would be by including images of fruits or vegetables in the design, but this would make it too “food-oriented”, so we opted for a variety of lifestyle images with more than just food, and even videos!

Adding those dynamic elements not only makes her brand stand out from other bloggers and content creators that share similar journeys but help make it extremely memorable.

How she’s using her new branding and site to grow multiple social channels and Youtube

The City Organic is guided through sharing her story, educating people along the way, and having that extra outreach in other channels besides Katie’s website was definitely a must!

Youtube is a great SEO tool since Google loves to highlight Youtube videos, so we wanted to make sure her readers knew about her channel right away! A little highlight area with an actual video playing was the way to go.

Overall we wanted to make sure video and dynamic movement were already a recognizable part of her brand as her Youtube channels grow.

Most of her everyday story is definitely shinning on Instagram, so we had to include it as well but instead of the typical embedded live feed, we opted for a more curated element with enough attention in the footer to be a “last call to action” in her site. This is a way of continuing the conversation with her readers outside of her website. In the end, it’s a self-promoting cycle where the website helps her channels grow and those channels point back for resources in the website making this brand-to-website/social one soulful journey!

There are many ways to promote your business, but the most important thing you can do is have a recognizable brand and a strong website for your online presence.

Katie now has a brand that communicates her values and a website to help her grow her social channels and bring more viewers to her Youtube videos.

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