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You know I love sharing all the good stuff and guys, I have this amazing new tool to show you. I bet you’ve heard of it before: Interact. What’s Interact? A platform to build quizzes. Why would you want or need a quiz? To engage your audience and grow your email list! I am a firm believer of value giving as the most important part of growing your brand, and a great way to deliver value in a fun way is to have it in quiz form!

Interact quizzes: a look behind the scenes

An Interact quiz is surprisingly simple to build. And if you feel like you don’t even know what to do a quiz about or how to just get started, they have templates for you to start! Could it be any easier? Let me show you:

Quizzes engage

I’m going to say it a couple more times because it’s just that awesome to use a quiz: They engage. They are fun. Sure you can create a quiz that is pure fun, nothing to learn on them, and your audience will still be engaged! (I mean, am I do only one guilty of taking a quiz to know my spirit animal?…) I’m a 90s gal, so all the quizzes in the magazines? Filled out first thing, then I could read the mag. No joke. So creating quizzes to better connect with your audience is no joke, it’s something that any industry can apply to better connect, better serve and give more value (remember to always give, give, give!)

But just how engaging can a quiz be? Well usually your audience will feel a bit of a curiosity kick if you provide a topic that fits them, and they will take it. For example, I know my amazing business owners who read this blog, you all want a website that not only fits you but actually converts like a power-house, right? We all have different needs on our websites, but one thing’s true: We need to know the ideal design look (aka our vibe) to really connect and stay true to our brand. Here, I dare you to find your ideal website brand vibe!

Make the most out of your quiz

To make the most our of your Interact quiz (and any quiz you build):

  • Keep it simple. Quizzes should be short and sweet! Remember we are engaging the audience in something fun, so don’t over do it. A good quiz should be able to be completed in less than 2 minutes!
  • Plan it out! Seriously. I like to reverse engineer my quizzes, that way I have a clearer vision of the path the viewers will follow to get to the results that best fits them!
  • Use photos or colors! Brand the quiz to make it truly yours, so it’s a perfectly seamless experience.
  • Allow for no opt in sign ups. Yes, I know this is to grow your email list, I KNOW. But remember that privacy is a very delicate matter, and you really don’t want someone to sign up and unsubscribe immediately. You want only your ideal audience to be on your list! A good small list wins over a terrible big list any day!

Try it for yourself!

I only share about the good stuff that helps me and that I actually use, and I definitely think you should give Interact a try if growing your email list is in your immediate marketing plans! (And it should, by the way).

PS. – Thank you to Interact for inviting me to join as a partner! Their customer service is just amazing. They gave me a tour of the system, and they blew my mind with how easy it is. As always, any recommendation I give, affiliate or not, it’s only on tools I actually use and love!
*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission at no extra cost to you on products I truly love and use!

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