Are you ready to launch a course?


So many DMS, emails, voice messages asking the same questions. You have answered them over and over, and yet they keep coming.

That one thing you are known in your industry for, that one amazing process you have, that’s what others keep asking about. Some might be a bit shameless and ask without even having a relationship with you (hey some people are really brave behind a DM), some will actually ask nicely and wait until they feel like they can “pick your brain”.

My friend, every time you answer those questions I hope you’ve been compiling a hefty FAQ document or something because you have just the right material for a course.

There are many types of courses

What I just described is one of the common ways to know you, in fact, are ready to launch your course:

You have something to teach that everyone has been asking about and it is way more than just a “simple” reply to their message.

That’s an educational course where the outcome is for them to learn something new. And that just granted you the badge of expert turned educator, wear it with pride!

Now, do know that there are also other types of courses where the outcome is not just education, but an actual transformation.

Ask yourself these two questions

  • Do you have a tried and true process that helps you deliver a result for clients?
  • Can this be something that they can do on their own allowing you to pour it in the way of organized modules (with appropriate resources) and still deliver a good outcome? (Let’s be honest, the great outcome would be if you did a 1:1 with them but this is the next great thing).

If you answered yes to those questions, congratulations you are ready to move from 1:1 only and launch a signature course. (Seriously, high five my friend! 🎉 Not every course has to be this huge complex thing.)

There are many ways to determine if a course is your next natural step, but these are the most obvious telltales and I bet if you’re reading this, you’re feeling it in your gut and need a way to validate it. Consider it very validated.

Ok I’m officially going to be a course creator (yay!) now what?

Now it’s time to organize your course into a user friendly structure, pick a delivery method, a platform for your students, and plan a launch! Some will have courses a natural addition to their value ladder, some will open a new sub-brand or have signature offers highlighted separate from their main services.

Again, so many options, don’t be overwhelmed and listen to your gut. This is something I covered on this blog post over here. But the most important thing is to pair the content delivery with your best learning style and the content requirements.

What to consider for your content and platform

  • Is content something the student needs to see? As in, this cannot be understood if it’s not a show-n-tell kind of deal? For example, you are teaching how to use specific software, well, your student will benefit the most when you actually show your screen and how you use the software.
  • Is your content based on dependencies? Aka, can a student dive in on all the lessons and jump around or they will forcefully need to understand and complete module 1 before moving on to module 2? For example, if I don’t know how to read a music sheet first, I will not be able to follow the next lesson that gives me the actual music sheet. (Clearly, my piano lessons were not well absorbed as I still can’t read a music sheet…)
  • How will you make it accessible? I know I asked you if you needed to do a show-n-tell (with video or images, gifs, etc), but please remember that you will need to make this accessible so don’t forget about the transcripts! This is not only an amazing bonus for your students but a great way to keep your content accessible.

In the next blog post, I will be going over how to choose the best platform for your course based on your business style. If you have a particular topic you want me to cover on this course series send me a DM on Instagram!

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