“Ingrid is worth every. single. penny!

To truly take your business to the next level, you need someone more knowledgeable than you in the areas that aren't your strength OR where you shouldn't be spending your time in your business, and this is where Ingrid comes in. She takes the weight of the world off of your shoulders and lets you launch your product so much sooner than if you were trying to do it on your own. She's efficient, professional, true to her word, incredibly skilled and talented at what she does, and gives you the freedom to work on the parts of your business that you SHOULD be spending time on!” 

Booking and selling more is a matter of confidence and strategy

Success can look like $1K increased monthly income, $15K+ on launch week, confidently and clearly speaking about the work you do, or something completely unique to you. All this is just another proof that design connects your message with the right audience, and it opens doors giving you more time to focus on what's important.

Client love

" She really listens to what you want, gives excellent feedback, and is overall just a joy to work with."

I have to say, this has been better than I imagined! I have booked several shoots since the release of my new web site. That is a huge win both in income and in word of mouth, as well as a huge confidence boost for me. Also, I just have had numerous - too many to count - people who have seen the site who have truly gone ON and ON about what perfect site it is for me and my personality. This was my entire goal, so I am thrilled with the result and call that the ultimate win!

Gale of Miss G Photography

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"AMAZING! 10/10. you gave me 110% the whole way!! 

You saw things in a way I didn't know were possible and they are now my favorite parts of the site! Also, you are so attentive to my wants/needs/thoughts! I felt scattered brained a lot of the time, but you were there to listen and then find a GORGEOUS solution to anything I wanted to display on the site.

You're amazing! You worked so hard to create something beautiful for me & I trust you 100% with my brand. I feel like you know it better than I do now!!"

Katy of lewes lettering co.

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"I love my new logo and branding and I'm excited about the new look my brand has.

I was excited to re-brand and get a fresh new look that more accurately represented my business than my current logo did. I appreciate how patient Ingrid was with me and how how she accommodated my ideas. Even if I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted I'd throw out ideas and she would bring them to life.”

Brennan of Brennan Hamrin Photography

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"Outstanding! You have aced it :)

From the first moment of contact you have been an absolute professional, the way you communicated, quoted and took me through your packages was what made me decide to hire you and I'm so thankful I did! I liked the video touchpoints a lot. I think it's a real point of difference for you and a wonderful part of your customer experience.

Ingrid it a legit design queen. Not only will she bring your voice and vision to life, she will keep you updated through the project and empower you to not be afraid of your website and your brand. With the work ethic of a solider but the leadership of a general, Ingrid is an awesome asset to any boss and any team."

Sarah of Bohemia Business Solutions

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I'm your designer and certified Showit design partner over here at Penguin Designing.

What sets my spark? Helping businesses grow. You know the feeling that makes you do a little happy dance? That's how I feel after each of my clients pops the bubbly and throws some confetti to celebrate their beautiful new brand and online home.

designer, photographer, rescue doggy mamma and tea lover

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