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I help coaches and creative female founders (like you and me) glow up with the best online experience with a new Showit website, new shop, or membership, so you can stop the endless Google searches and focus on what really moves the needle.

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Purposeful design for brands who refuse to settle for generic. Let’s sprinkle some magic with intentional strategy, user experience, and money-making Showit websites guided by your unique customer journey.

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My signature service. Gorgeous branding & effective websites.

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"You gave me 110% the whole way!! You're amazing! You worked so hard to create something beautiful for me & I trust you 100% with my brand."

I feel like you know it better than I do now!! You are so attentive to my wants/needs/thoughts! I felt scattered brained, but you were there to listen and then find a GORGEOUS solution to anything I wanted to display."

Katy Ackerman

“Since having Ingrid revamp our shop, not only do we love the look and feel of it, but our shop has seen a 17% increase in sales! Making it our highest year yet!”

Her professionalism made us trust her, her personality made us feel connected to her, and her knowledge and vision is what made our shop come to life in the way we always dreamed it would!”

Katelyn James

"Within a month and a half of launching I made over $10,000. Literally everyone was wowed by my website and loved the organic clean fresh feel of it."

I honestly was scared to launch a shop. I should have booked her sooner. I love my website and product photography. Just hire her. Her work speaks for itself.

Candace Nicoleau

"I was hesitating about making the investment worth it but I’ve basically already made my money back and I’ve been open less than month."

People have commented on the beauty of the site, its simplicity, how easy it is to use and check out. I feel confident that I can add things to the shop without ruining it haha I feel better about looking professional to my followers who want to support me and just wanted an easier way to do that. I can’t thank you enough!

Camille Robinson

Hi I’m Ingrid

I design strategy-led brands and Showit websites that confidently represent you.

I’m a designer with a magic touch for monetizing websites. I’m also a tea-lover, dog momma, Ravenclaw, INFP and 2w3 (for all you personality-test nerds like me). 

I’ve also been called a Showit website expert (been with them since 2013), and a sucker for understanding customer journeys, brand psychology, and consumer and sales psychology. My clients have some pretty cool results after working together, things like doubled shop conversions, booked-out services in weeks, and increased monthly revenue, among other cheer-worthy celebrations.

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“I’m blown away! Like seriously, almost in tears because I feel like someone actually listened to me and translated that to my brand.

I am thrilled with everything - the new brand, the new website design! You were very efficient and I loved the direction you chose for my brand design right from the beginning.”

Shannon Bright

Fun fact

9/10 clients approve everything on the first round! ✨

Ready to turn your website into a powerhouse lead generator? 

My free guide, “5 High Converting Website Tricks,” gives you key strategies to create a website that showcases your brand, attracts your ideal clients, and converts them into paying customers. 

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Wasting time DIYing your website (and brand *gasp*). No more frustrating hours trying to get it to look and work right. 

Guessing if this or that design looks good. You are not a short-live fad, your business shouldn’t look like one.

Wishing you understood what tech to use to finally get your next idea rolling. Increased revenue is waiting.

Looking “meh” (and feeling disappointed with your current website). Let your brand communicate your level of experience clearly and effectively.

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