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Time to match your brand with design that connects you with your ideal clients and helps you stand out in your industry.

We'll work together to bring your vision to life with a custom brand, custom brand photography, and Showit website (aka, one you'll never be afraid to "break".)

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Visual Identity

Do you know your ideal website brand vibe?

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I'm Ingrid, nice to meet you!

I'm your brand designer and official Showit design partner over here at Penguin Designing.

What sets my spark? Helping businesses grow.

You know that awesome feeling after you score big? That's how I feel after each of my clients pops the bubbly and throws some confetti to celebrate their beautiful new brand and online home.

hi there!

hi there!

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"I appreciate how patient Ingrid was with me and  how she accommodated my ideas. Even if I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted I'd throw out ideas and she would bring them to life. I love my new logo and branding and I'm excited about the new look my brand has."


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