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When you run a service-based business we kinda have 1 goal: get vetted leads into our contact page and get the to actually inquire. 

But, where do you even start when you struggling to turn those website visitors into actual hot leads or clients? 

Not gonna lie, the solution might be simpler than you think. As a CRO specialist (aka Conversion Rate Optimization nerd) your contact page can play a crucial role in driving conversions but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Let me share my quick-implementation strategies to amplify your contact page game, boosting those conversion rates. 

Understanding Your Audience

First things first, know your audience. Sounds super beginner but hear me out: Most people just slap a contact form and think that will get people excited to actually fill out… Uhm yeah no.

Understanding who your audience is, their needs, preferences, and pain points are critical to make sure that you don’t spend a ludicrous amount of time crafting the rest of your site… only to leave your contact page to luck. 

My top tips to start making this better? Collect data about your audience through audience research:

  • Use surveys
  • Use social media polls
  • Use heatmaps 

This will help you tailor your contact page to meet their needs and expectations, ultimately increasing contact page conversions. Because if you don’t know what got them to you first, then how can you encourage them to complete a simple form?

Crafting a Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your contact page needs a strong CTA. Yep, again, this is not the place to drop the ball! You worked so hard to move people to this one page — make it count!!

A compelling CTA can guide your visitors to take the final desired action, whether it’s to book a call, send you a message, or make a direct booking/purchase to get on your calendar. 

Some examples of effective CTAs I want you to consider: 

  • Book Your Free Consultation Now!
  • Get Started Today!
  • Get [goal/desire] in [X time promise] (ie. “Get increased conversions in 7 weeks”) 

The key is to make your CTA clear, concise, and action-oriented.

Simplify the Form

Nobody wants to fill out a form that feels like a tax return. 

Keep your contact form user-friendly and straightforward. Remove unnecessary fields and reduce friction wherever possible! 

Think of how can you make this the path of least resistance. 

Ask only for the information you absolutely need to help them get started immediately like name, email, what service they’re thinking (if you offer multiple) and a space for their message. 

The simpler the form, the higher the chances of it being filled out, hence improving your contact page conversions.

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Adding Social Proof

Oh, this is a little trick that does wonders, especially if you have a high ticket price!

Social proof builds trust and credibility through and through, so incorporating testimonials, case studies (short please), or logos of clients you’ve worked with can persuade visitors to complete the next step — aka get in contact. 

It’s like a stamp of approval from others that your services are worthwhile. And using this little nudge in the contact page means that we are helping them remember “yep, I went through the site and I think this is my next best step” — and when/if they feel a little doubt, we hit them with that social proof to ease any doubts they may have.

Now, I will say: if you don’t have or prefer not to use testimonials, you can do a quick FAQ. This is where we need to know your audience (see why I said on the first step?) because we want to know what are the potential doubts or friction points we have to smooth out for them to actually take action!

Providing Multiple Communication Channels

This sounds like a no-brainer for some and a complete “nopeee” for those who use their CRM for everything. But hear me out: Offering various ways for your visitors to reach out to you can actually help them move forward quicker! 

This could be through email, phone (if you’re brave like that), live chat, or social media messaging. 

The more channels you provide, the more convenient it is for your visitors, increasing the likelihood of them contacting you.

Optimizing Mobile Responsiveness

We are on our phones a lot more, and it’s crucial to ensure that your contact page is mobile-friendly. This might sounds like “well Ingrid, of course, my site is mobile friendly, why are you telling me this?!” Uhm because I’ve seen a LOT of site that call “shrinking down” the form a “mobile friendly” solution. And no, just no.

So please: Make sure it loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and the forms are easy to fill out on mobile devices! Check your size, check your spacing for tapping into each section, etc. 

Incorporating Visual Elements

Visuals enhance user experience and engagement but just like having your lovely face on the header of a sales page can help it increase conversion by 20% (oh you didn’t know that? Now you do!), this can help humanize and make the conversion a bit more of an easy yes. 

Consider adding images or videos that communicate your brand’s personality. This could be a behind-the-scenes video, a photo of your team, or an infographic explaining your services. Keep it NON-distraction though! The video or images should enhance the experience, make them feel connected… not distract them from the main goal of contacting you. So avoid playable videos they have to click on (make a background video to accent the page, etc).

The more engaging your contact page, the more likely visitors are to stick around and take action.

Testing and Measuring Results

Testing and analyzing data is vital to improving your contact page conversions. If you can, do an A/B testing to experiment with different elements on your page and use tools such as Fathom (aff link) or your analytics of choice to track and measure conversion rates. 

Sometimes you do things by the book and wonder why it’s not moving the needle as much as you want: the answer is to listen to your audience. 

THEY will tell you (with their actions) how are they actually using your site, how they prefer to consume the content, etc. 

This will provide insights into what’s working and what needs improvement.

In Recap

To uplevel your contact page conversions: understand your audience, craft compelling CTAs, simplify your form, add social proof, provide multiple communication channels, optimize for mobile, incorporate visuals, and test and measure results. 

You don’t need to go and burn down your page, start making small but impactful changes! Implementing these strategies can help turn your contact page into a conversion machine.

Next Steps

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