Light and airy Showit website design addition for Michelle Kujawski Photography


I recently had the pleasure of working with Michelle on her Showit website expansion. We focused on her new commercial photography service and the goal was to not only showcase her amazing portfolio but to bring specific interest per type of commercial photography.


User experience + SEO.

First, what is a Showit website expansion or design addition?

My friend, it’s literally what it sounds like! You might have your website live and “complete” but then there’s a new service to offer, a new membership to add, a new shop to launch… That’s when we work our magic and create a user experience that keeps a cohesive flow with what you currently have and grow your website by adding new pages and modifying your home and menu to reflect any changes that will be useful for your users.

I’m proud to be a Showit designer, and a certified Showit Design Partner to help get you the best results possible 😉.

Two very common questions from those who already have a Showit site live:

Can you work with my current brand?

Absolutely! That is exactly what we did with Michelle here! We take your brand and implement that foundation into the new pages.

Why add new pages vs adding sections to my existing page?

This is all in the strategy behind your website! You can have new sections when it’s all in the same topic, so that your user has all the information at their fingertips! But if this service is actually different or is targeting a different audience, giving it a page of it’s own actually helps with SEO and helps you direct leads into the right space.

Responsive desktop, tablet, and mobile view of light and airy editorial Showit website design

Now let me share Michelle’s words about the project together, interview style!

Before working together, how were you feeling, what was going on that made you reach out?

Before working together I was trying to figure out how I was going to update my website and was looking for inspiration. Your comments in the Showit User Group lead me to reach out as you seemed knowledgable about SEO!

What hesitations did you have about working with me?

Once we spoke on the discovery call, I didn’t have any hesitations at all.

What ultimately made you decide to hire me?

Your professionalism, knowledge and easy going personality felt like a great fit!

What was your favorite part about working together?

I just loved your fun personality and the fact that you are also a photographer, so you “get it” from all angles.

What would you say to someone who is considering hiring me for a project like yours?

Ingrid is such a pro. She made the entire process of expanding my website so easy. I was very impressed with her ability to understand exactly what I needed and translate it into a design that blended seamlessly into my existing website. Her project management system outlined all of the deliverables and tasks, which helped keep me on track. Not only that, she’s professional and so easy to work with. I highly recommend working with Penguin Designing for your website needs!

A peek at the design:

Light and airy editorial Showit website design.
Light and airy editorial Showit website  gallery design

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