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I'm Ingrid, welcome!  I'm a branding designer + Showit Design Partner, doggy mamma and tea lover.

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Oh my, hello! I didn’t see you there… Ok, thank you for rolling with my silly joke but the truth is I am excited to finally give Penguin Designing its own blog home! For almost 8 years I had a shared blog with I & L Photography, my photo biz. Which I mean it was very suiting since we were talking about how images fit the brand and what not, but now it’s time to get some music and celebrate that this baby has its own house!

Things you’ll likely see here

πŸ’œ Branding tips to make your client experience the best out there.

πŸ’œ Showit web design – because you know my love affair with Showit.

πŸ’œ Web user experience, whether you use Showit or not, this to me is VERY important.

πŸ’œ Dogs

πŸ’œ Freebies

And anything else you tell me you wanna learn more about.

I’m an education junkie, so I keep updating myself, learning and expanding on topics to make my and YOUR business better. So the good news is I get too passionate (read: overexcited) about learning and I just want to share that knowledge and bring joy and warm cups of tea to everyone! But I mean I can totally serve you a latte, no biggie.

So tell me all about you and your hopes and dreams that are piling up for 2018. Use the handy-dandy button below and drop me a line, or get social and DM me on Insta!  (I love Insta.) But yes, seriously, let me know how can I HELP YOU. This blog is really about you, not me and my silliness, but getting my brain to work in your favor, teaching you little tricks I’ve learned along the way, giving you the biggest cheerleader-with-pompoms-cheer you’ve ever seen all the way from Cali!

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