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Wealth Over Now’s new brand and website are a treat for those who immediately think of “finance” as a stale and cold profession. The brand was created to support a message directed at an audience who looks for financial guidance and support while keeping it strategic for multiple coaching services nationwide.

We worked on:

  • Brand strategy + visual design
  • Showit website design
  • Social launch strategy

The rationale behing the brand

The design elements intentionally and thoughtfully work together to create a strong, playful, and comforting look + feel.

Brand’s keywords

Friendly • Passioante • Playful • Relatable • Attentive • Honest • Comforting • Strong • Balanced • Confident

The website – moving from Wix to Showit

See the website evolution through these “before and after” shots. Drag the sliders and see the new Showit website design we created for Keina of Wealth Over Now. She was on Wix, so our journey began by migrating her!

We moved Keina to Showit to bring move flexibility to the design and have a great blogging platform since Showit uses WordPress for the blog, so the best of both worlds. Almost zero maintenance since the Showit team takes care of the server backups.

Please note that the “before” website design is not by Penguin Designing, copyright goes to the original designer. Our work is depicted on the “after” shots.

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