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The goal for Kira Jeffrey Photography project:

Kira was looking to grow her business to its full potential, and a refreshed brand and website with strategic changed to bring a gentle vibe with an expert brand positioning to match her work.

The brand

A beautiful hand-lettered logo with a whimsical hand-drawn hummingbird icon, which holds a deep meaning for Kira (you can read about it on her about page over on her site!).

Her new brand identity creates a gentle, elegant, and heart-warming vibe that Kira Jeffrey Photography is well known for.

It helps give a glimpse into what to expect when working with Kira Jeffrey Photography. The design elements intentionally and thoughtfully work together to create a welcoming look + feel.

Key words:

Experienced — Beautiful — Welcoming

We created a suite of branded collateral for her client experience, from gift certificates, a client experience magazine, business cards, to postcards and a hard portfolio cover for her pricing guide.

The website

In Kira’s words

Before working together, how were you feeling, what was going on that made you reach out?

I felt like my website was just a page and had nothing special going for me. I wanted to find someone to help me boost my SEO.

What hesitations did you have about working with me?

Investment. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to make such a business investment with all that was changing in my personal life (my new baby, and more).

What ultimately made you decide to hire me?

I came to realize this was the perfect time to jump and find out if I will sink or swim LOL but I wanted to go all in and see if this business of mine could really support me and my family. So I decided to invest!

Let’s celebrate the wins! What results have you achieved since we worked together?

Definitely have had many compliments about my gorgeous site! And I know my SEO is better.

What was your favorite part about working together?

How personal it was. I just loved how every time I had a questions you would answers with a in-depth video with detailed explanation. As a visual person, that was so helpful and made me feel connected even though we were so far away! 🙂

And knowing that I can always reach out when I need help or have a questions. That is HUGE to just have a good “go-to” person for help like this stuff so I’m not just on my own and have to search for new help anytime a problem arrises.

What would you say to someone who is considering hiring me for a project like yours?

Do it. Invest in yourself. If you want to see your fullest potential this is it!

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