Be Totally Well – Brand refresh, custom Showit website design, and product photography


We worked on:

  • Branding
  • Custom Showit website design
  • Shopify Lite shop integration
  • Product Photography
  • Flodesk setup + newsletter design
  • Tissue paper design

Candace is a certified nurse practitioner with a strong mission and such a strong fighting soul. Her brand was refreshed to achieve a soft and welcoming vibe to bring the “organic” vibe to every touch point. She was looking for a refresh on her website to allow for the shop to flourish and an elevated experience for her clients and customers. She used to have one product listed but no strategy behind it.

Her shop was the main key point in this project as we wanted to bring her a passive income stream that will align with the high quality of her new products.

The results

When Candace launched on her birthday (how special is that!) we saw a great launch weekend interest and visibility on social media. on the 6-week post-launch check-up she shared she was over the $10,000 in revenue just from her new shop. So the results were amazing to say the least.

Brand rationale + market

Bringing a holistic approach to wellness and health with awareness, education, and support. The Be Totally Well ideal client persona is in a research state where feeling heard and understood is a primary need. They seek a real connection with a sense of “I’ve been there” while connecting with a guiding mentor that provides the holistic resources for their wellness journey.

‘The interest is blended between nutrition, self-care, body nourishment, skincare, and aging well.

The website + shop

Her new shop and Showit website are strategically connected to help her potential clients grab her valuable free offers, connect with her as a wellness coach, and of course explore the shop to start their wellness and self-care journey.

Her new custom website properly aligns her luxury, soft, new brand tone and messaging with her growth goals.

Please note that the “before” website design is not by Penguin Designing, copyright goes to the original designer. Our work is depicted on the “after” shots.

Product Photography

In Candace’s words…

Before working together, how were you feeling, what was going on that made you reach out?

I knew my website was ok, but not great. It’s was a rush job because I needed something up but I wasn’t in love. The look and feel for what I wanted was missing and so I knew I needed a revamp.

What hesitations did you have about working with me?

Just overall anxiety. Not sure if we would be a good fit or if I could afford it.

What ultimately made you decide to hire me?

You were recommended by my first website designer and I started stalking your work, website, social media, read what other clients had to say. I also am part of a group of the Showit users and I saw what others said there also. So it was a no brainer.

Let’s celebrate the wins! What results have you achieved since we worked together? (Tell me everything: wins, income, confidence boost, words that others have said to you…)

Literally everyone was wowed by my website and loved the organic clean fresh feel of it. I honestly was scared to launch a shop.

Something I’ve never done but once I see the product photography and how well it fits with everything, I knew it was gonna sell.

Within my first week of launching, I made over $2000. I am still in shock and so is my husband who was reluctant about everything. So I’m happy about that. Then at the 6 week mark I was already over $10,000.

What was your favorite part about working together?

You listen and have this unique ability to know exactly what I want when I can’t describe it lol . I had a hard time expressing what was in my head but with a few prompts and some examples of things I like. You made it even better than I imagined.

Is there anything you would have liked to see done differently?

I can’t say I would have done anything differently as I love everything. Maybe I should have booked you sooner. That’s it!

What would you say to someone who is considering hiring me for a project like yours?

Take a look at my website and product photography and just do it. Her work speaks for itself. People are already inquiring.

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