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I'm Ingrid, welcome!  I'm a branding designer + Showit Design Partner, doggy mamma and tea lover.

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This post contains affiliate links to tools I love and actually use in my own business and I might get a kickback at no additional cost to you! Running an online business is hard. Running a creative online business is even harder. Why? Well, we are kinda not made with systems built into our brain. […]

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The goal for Kira Jeffrey Photography project: Kira was looking to grow her business to its full potential, and a refreshed brand and website with strategic changed to bring a gentle vibe with an expert brand positioning to match her work. The brand A beautiful hand-lettered logo with a whimsical hand-drawn hummingbird icon, which holds […]

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A custom art and illustration Showit website design

The goal for the Robinson Creative House Showit shop project Camille is an amazing artist and when she came to me for a shop design, I was thrilled! But let me tell you our project is the perfect example of why I think it’s important you feel comfortable using your website (which is why I […]

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So many DMS, emails, voice messages asking the same questions. You have answered them over and over, and yet they keep coming. That one thing you are known in your industry for, that one amazing process you have, that’s what others keep asking about. Some might be a bit shameless and ask without even having […]

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Michelle on her Showit website expansion. We focused on her new commercial photography service and the goal was to not only showcase her amazing portfolio but to bring specific interest per type of commercial photography. Why? User experience + SEO. First, what is a Showit website expansion […]

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Flodesk and Interact integration

For my amazing creatives using Interact quizzes to grow your engagement and email list all at once, I have a wonderful tutorial for you! This is all about getting your Interact quiz leads into your Flodesk account.  Let’s get this party started, shall we? What you’ll need: First and foremost, you need an Interact account […]

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