Over the years Penguin Designing has specialized in serving creatives and coaches who are looking for a strong brand and high-converting Showit website without the overwhelm, but our story started 11 years ago, so this is not our first rodeo.

Our clients often see a return on their investment within months of launching their new site, membership or shop.

All this to say, I get it. It's hard to build a new shop inside Showit when there is much more than just the checkout gateways to use, and sometimes picking one is the hardest part. I dive deep into the needs of all my clients to understand the way they work and produce content to make sure the best tech stack is in place.

type of work we do around here

This mentoring session is for you.

For the business owner DIY it, for the designer learning about integrating a shop, Flodesk email marketing, freebies, digital products, how Showit works, or needing help with a specific client project.

If you need a 1:1 experience to get your questions answers, technology explained, and expert guidance:

All sessions last up to 90 min and are done over video chat so we can share our screen.

For designers: during our time together we can go over Showit, how it works and connects to Shopify/Woocommerce, the Wordpress blog, discuss and get help on a specific client project so I can help you pick the tech stack and even go over how to implement for your client.

For business owners wanting to DIY their own website: We can go over your specific needs so I can help you pick the right software for email marketing integrations, shops, and widgets; as well as teach you how to properly connect and implement. As a bonus, if you need guidance starting your site or shop, delivering your digital products, freebies, or other pressing topics you now have as a website owner, we can add them to the agenda.

Mentor sessions are $750 and include:

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