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Memberships are so rewarding but they are serious work, so that’s why we make sure that every client we work with has it built in the way that it fits the way they work so they can grow it it in an easy way. 

We specialize in working with clients that have a membership idea that will be an addition to their services, most of them are at capacity for 1:1 clients and they want a profitable new passive income stream or have one currently running that they want to bring over to their site and are ready to invest in it. 

We design Showit membership sites, courses, and private resource sites for profitable results. You just need your content, we’ll take care of the rest.

We start every membership with strategy to better understand your vision. 

We research and pick the best tech stack for your needs and make sure everything is aligned with the growth goals you have.

We design a membership built into your Showit website so you can have the ultimate flexibility.

If you need a custom site built along the membership so you launch with a strong online presence, we can add that and make sure it's crafted with your growth in mind.

Time to pop the bubbly and launch your membership! 

We will go over our signature launch strategy plan so you can hype your way to success. We will also provide training videos to make everything easy to upkeep.

Our process to give you the best result

The Membership experience ✨

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“Ingrid is worth every single penny! She takes the weight of the world off of your shoulders and lets you launch your product so much sooner than if you were trying to do it on your own.”

Lindsay thomas

She’s efficient, professional, true to her word, incredibly skilled and talented at what she does, and gives you the freedom to work on the parts of your business that you SHOULD be spending time on!” 

Are you ready to monetize your knowledge and finally start that membership?

Investment starts at $8500

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Packages + pricing guide

See our detailed package deliverables, process timeline overview, and services financing information.

Rachel Baker

“I’m so pleased with how everything looks and how intuitive you’ve made it all - thank you so much :)”

Frequently asked questions

What's the investment?

Each project is custom quoted to ensure it's exactly what you need. Memberships start at $8500 and our packages and prices are detailed and listed over at our pricing guide. Click here to see it.

How long is the project?

Our brand + website project timeline is 8 weeks from the kick off until the end. This ensures enough time for strategy, branding, website design and development and of course, feedback on every stage. 

What website platform will my website use?

We specialize in Showit websites and will build your membership with a Showit Advance Blog account so you have the perfect private area in your site. You can read more about Showit over in our blog.

Can you add a shop?

Absolutely! Those are part of our specialty :) You can learn more about having a shop with your Showit site by clicking here.

What do I need for my project?

We will do all the heavy lifting, but there are some requirements to ensure the best project results. You can read about those in our Pricing Guide page. Click here to access.

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