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brennan hamrin photography

brand development + business cards

Brennan Hamrin Photography is a family, newborn, maternity, seniors, engagement and wedding professional photography brand. she is Based out of Medford, OR.

The goal was to refresh her brand with a modern chicness. The mix of soft pink hues, watercolor textures and rose gold effects bring her brand a clean look with lots of feminine personality. 

“I was excited to re-brand and get a fresh new look that more accurately represented my business than my current logo did. I appreciate how patient Ingrid was with me and how how she accommodated my ideas. Even if I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted I'd throw out ideas and she would bring them to life. I love my new logo and branding and I'm excited about the new look my brand has.”

– Brennan.

“I have gotten a ridiculous amount of compliments on it already! I am in love!!”

– Sawyer.

Sawyer Trombley Photography specializes in high school seniors and services East Texas. Sawyer pours her heart and soul into each and everyone of her clients. She treats each session with unique style and individuality.

The goal was to refresh her brand with a modern and fun glam look. The mix of geometric shapes, black, teal and gold effects bring her brand a clean look with a statement personality. 

brand development + website +  business cards +pricing menu + thank you cads + t-shirt + order form + magazines + welcome packet

Sawyer Trombley photography

Designs by Penguin Designing. Photos by Sawyer Trombley Photography.

may sweets

brand development + packaging

May sweets focuses on special occasions sweets with their signature cupcakes and truffles. May sweets is located in Tijuana, México.

The goal was to create a brand with a clean, sweet and modern feel. The logo has "may" written in hand lettered digital calligraphy to create a unique look for her name.

diane french photography

brand development

Diane French Photography helps people with the visual aspect of their brand with photographs of them doing their thing in an aesthetically pleasing way as well as help them put their best face forward. 

The goal was to create a brand with a modern, polished and experienced feel. The logotype is built around the fun and dynamic energy of the company with the target of balance to appeal to both the female and male market. 

Designs by Penguin Designing. Photos by Diane French Photography.


brand development + collateral

Evi & Pete have a huge heart and are empowering families to FLEX with essential oils. FLEX stands for Fulfill Life's Expectations. They have a special place in their hearts for what essential oils can do to help families with autism, and their logo has the puzzle piece that commonly represents autism being cradled by the drop shape as the goal was to incorporate it since this is their drive.

Since their launch they have been growing fast and plan on expanding internationally.

cityhouse collective

brand development + collateral

Cityhouse Collective is the first North- Austin co-working space! It will bring a modern space to work for creatives in the area.

Annmarie, the soul and visionary behind Cityhouse Collective wanted not only a modern feel to the brand, but a clean look with room to grow as Cityhouse Collective keeps growing and evolving after launching.