Katelyn James

custom Showit membership, course platform, and  Woocommerce  shop design & development

Shop Strategy
Member experience strategy
student experience redesign
customer experience redesign
Revenue increase strategy
Custom Showit Shop Design Woocommerce integration
Wordpress migration
custom Showit Membership
Custom Showit Course site
Membership Community Integration

The Project Scope

Creative Direction & Strategy
Our objective was clear: to create a platform that's as functional as it is aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Katelyn's unique brand, we developed a clean, organized, and intuitive interface.

With a keen eye on the user experience, we introduced features like advanced filtering options and strategic organization, ensuring that the All Access members felt right at home on the new platform.

From crafting a strategic shopping experience to redesigning the student and member journeys, the collaboration with Katelyn James was a multi-faceted project. We seamlessly integrated Showit for custom design, Woocommerce for an enhanced shopping experience, and executed a successful Wordpress migration.

The partnership with Katelyn James underscores my commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive results. This project stands as a testament to our expertise in handling diverse components - from shops to memberships to course sites, all while maintaining a clear, unified vision.

"Since having Ingrid revamp our site, not only do we love the look and feel of it, but our shop has seen a 17% increase in sales!"

"We found Ingrid when we had hit a low point, after a season of desperation from a failed project where we invested $60K+ and were deeply disappointed in the final outcome for our shop. We were learly of trusting someone else.

Little did we know Ingrid was the person we needed all along! Her professionalism made us trust her, her personality made us feel connected to her, and her knowledge and vision is what made our shop come to life in the way we always dreamed it would!"

KAtelyn James

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