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custom Showit x  Woocommerce  shop design & development

Shop Strategy
Brand Strategy + Messaging
customer experience Strategy
Custom Showit Shop Design Woocommerce integration
Monthly Email Marketing Copywriting
Flodesk Setup
Launch Emails Strategy + Copy
Affiliate Program + Swipes Copy

The Project Scope

Stacy, the founder behind Blanc Salváge, came with a vision: to create an online space that reflects the timeless elegance of her brand. With exquisite fonts and stunning mockups at the heart of her offering, we embarked on a comprehensive project, crafting a seamless shopping experience, integrating Showit with Woocommerce, and amplifying her brand message through strategic copywriting and email marketing.

Creative Direction & Strategy
Blanc Salváge is all about creating lasting impressions. Keeping this in mind, the design approach was centered around elegance and simplicity. From the shop's design to the customer experience strategy, every element was meticulously planned to ensure Stacy's clientele experienced the brand's essence at every touchpoint. With the addition of an affiliate program, we expanded the brand's reach, ensuring more small business owners could access and benefit from Blanc Salváge's offerings.

"I've gained more confidence knowing you've helped me build a solid foundation to start my font design business in the very best way."

"I love  "EVERYTHING!! I love your thoughts, your feedback helps tremendously, your work is outstanding, and you go above and beyond.

For anyone considering working with you: Grab her NOW!!! She will rock your site, brand, emails, blogs, whatever you need!! I don't want anyone else touching my work. Ingrid is the best!"

Stacy Terry

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Showit shop design

No. 04  —  Monthly email copy

No. 03  —  Launch emails

No. 02  —  Flodesk setup + design

No. 01  —  Email strategy for brand new email list

Email marketing — 150+ subscribers in 2 months

potential WITH A WEBSITE
THAT'S BREWED to perfection

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