Spellbinding Brand Blueprint

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A course to help you hone your brand's visuals and message to better connect with your audience in a genuine and strategic way to grow your reach and sales.

(formerly Brand Strategy Workshop)

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With this course, you will discover a step-by-step approach to creating a brand that connects authentically and strategically with your target market.

Get the brand strategy & Psychology Workshop for $97. Here's everything I'll cover inside:

  • Analyzing if your brand is built to convert.
  • Defining the core of your brand before creating visuals.
  • Understanding how to communicate with your audience by identifying your brand's communication personality and your ideal client's personality.
  • How to match your brand with fitting visuals that stay true to your growth and connection goals.
  • Finding the right marketing outlets to grow your brand by maximizing strategic moves.
  • Aligning your vision with your ideal clients and constantly speaking to them at every touchpoint so you can grow your audience.

If you know you need to create a brand that aligns with your vision, connects with your audience, and grows your business in a profitable and impactful way, this workbook is for you.

It’s time to put an end to feeling disconnected from your brand and finally create a strong foundation with my Spellbinding Brand Blueprint

You'll finally be able to create a brand that sets you apart from your competitors and helps you achieve your business goals in a way that fits you. 

Get your audience's attention and build a brand that resonates with them!

"Thanks so much! I learned so much from this and I feel confident with my messaging now that I'm growing"


"Identifying my brand's personality and the overlap with my clients has helped me so much to refine my way of communicating"


"My people know my message, I didn't have trouble with that, but it's the visual representation, like fonts and colors I wasn't sure how to connect the dots but you made it so simple!"


Frequently asked questions

The answers you're looking for...

Will this work for me if I'm new to branding and marketing my business?

Absolutely! This course is designed to be a comprehensive course with accompanying guide for anyone looking to maximize their brand's vibe and message, regardless of their level of experience. The step-by-step roadmap provides a blueprint to analyze if your brand is built to convert and evolve, define the core of your brand, and identify your brand's communication personality and your ideal client's personality for a clear message approach. Whether you're a new business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take your brand to the next level, this is the perfect guide to help you achieve your branding goals strong foundation.

Will this work for me if I'm not new and have been in business for years now?

Absolutely! The Spellbinding Brand Blueprint is a hands-on guide with prompts designed to help small businesses like coaches and creatives (like me and you) regardless of their level of experience (this is about digging deep into the brand foundation). 

If you're a business owner who has been in business for years, this workbook can help you audit and refine your brand strategy in an intentional way to improve your current messaging and positioning by going through proven strategies and techniques. 

Regardless of your level of experience, this guide is the perfect tool to help you create a brand that truly resonates with your audience and sets you apart from your competitors.

How long will this take?

This is built to be tackled in 4 phases. You can go at it from A-Z and it should take you around 2-3 hours to work through the content inside the Brand Strategy & Psychology Workbook itself as you fill it up – and you have lifetime access to it all, so feel free to consume at your own pace. When I do live rounds of my Brand Strategy & Psychology Course I actually have my students do 1 phase per week, so you can pace yourself in the way that feels right for you!

Now, you might also be wondering how long it’ll take you to see results… Honestly, this is something you can start slowly applying to your everyday brand and business. The more touch points you cover, the faster you can put your brand connection to the test and tweak.

What if I don’t learn anything new?

If you’re a brand strategist or designer like me, chances are you have "heard it all" already, but this is my personal approach to building your brand. One that will give you the most success and work in the way that you work, while getting it strong enough to serve you for years (I’m not kidding — statistics from applying this exact blueprint show that client can keep their brands for over 5 years before needing to tweak and evolve).

Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not offer refunds for any reason, however, feel free too send me an email at and I can help you go deeper to ensure you get the most out of it.

It's time to establish a genuine and strategic connection with your audience without feeling daunted by the branding journey.

The Spellbinding Brand Blueprint is just what you need to get there.