Do you have a Showit website and want to open a shop? If so, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by the technical know-how and skillset that is required to make this happen.

I get it. this process can make you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up your shop dreams. 

As a shop strategist & Showit design partner who has been building shops for my clients for years, I understand how daunting the process can be when your tech knowledge is limited and you don’t know how to connect your Showit site and a Woocommerce shop. 

You may find yourself frustrated with the lack of shop specific features in Showit’s platform, confused about product inventory and shipping processes, and stressed out about navigating payment processing and fees.  

I built this course so you can say “goodbye” to all that. So shake it off, let’s move to a more pleasant view, shall we?

Imagine if you could wake up each day, excited to check your notifications and see that you’ve made sales.. 

selling without trading more time for money is exactly why this course exists for you!

You could finally turn your passion for blogging, coaching, or creating into a profitable business that supports your lifestyle and financial goals.

With my Showit x WooCommerce 101 course, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to do just that. 

You’ll learn how to create a stunning, custom-built store that not only looks beautiful but also converts visitors into paying customers.

Finally stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the technical side of things, and instead feel empowered to take control of your online business

Yes, this is for me!

What if you could do all of this with the support of a pro designer (me!) for questions, encouragement, and support? You’ll never feel alone on this journey.

to make sure that the content was easy to understand and follow, I stripped away anything unnecessary and focused on keeping it as code-free as possible for you.

As a shop strategist and designer, I'm all about helping small business owners create their own shops. I understand the importance of having a passive income revenue stream, and so I have been on a mission to make this process easier for you.

When I realized that many small business owners are not in a position to hire a designer in their current season of business, I decided to create Showit x Woocommerce 101. 

My goal was to provide an educational resource that would walk you through the basics of setting up their own shop in Showit with Woocommerce. 

I went step by step, explaining how to add a woocommerce shop to your showit website, how to connect the tech, and how to create custom pages for your Woocommerce shop in Showit.


Woocommerce unleashed

Start earning serious passive income and enjoy unlimited growth potential. Get ready to take advantage of the automated integration. Woocommerce Unleashed will give you the tools and resources you need to launch your shop asap.

Join now for only $650

Yes, this is exactly what i need!

The current 8 modules are all you need to launch and run a successful shop — and due to popular demand, Woocommerce 101 has now transformed into Woocommerce Unleashed. I'm currently recording the new advanced lessons for users who want a more complex shop; as well as a new designer level option so I can better support the designers who join me in creating shops for their clients.

Or grab the payment plan. Details below.

Thanks to Ingrid's course, I feel fully confident suggesting WooCommerce as a solution for Showit ecommerce clients, knowing that I have the tools and resources I need to set them up successfully.

Before taking Ingrid's course on WooCommerce, I was totally overwhelmed by the idea of learning how to integrate WooCommerce with Showit, and because of it, always defaulted to recommending Shopify Lite to clients wanting to add a shop to their Showit site. Ingrid's course walks you through all the key pieces of setting up WooCommerce with Showit, and answers all the questions I had, as well as the questions I didn't even know I should have.


Are you ready to unlock the power of your own online shop?

Discover 8 modules (AND MORE TO COME) that give you everything you need to get started with Showit & Woo. 

say no more, I'm in

Step-by-step guidance covering the essential topics from your account type to customizing and connecting all your Showit pages. 

Each module will save you countless hours of research, while giving you the confidence that you have the right information to create a professional-looking shop ready to sell!

Quickly and easily dive in, even if you have no prior experience with CSS. 

You are about to discover the simple steps to add a Woocommerce shop to your Showit website and create the custom pages you need. From connecting the tech to the ‘wow’ of your finished look. You’ll be so surprised how easy it is to make your dream shop a reality!

 Ingrid’s course gave me the tools and confidence I needed to fully switch over from Shopify and I am in love with it!!

I’ve wanted a fully customized shopping experience and I tried Shopify, Squarespace, Etsy, Shopify… Woocommerce is the e-commerce platform I’ve been looking for ever since I found my groove with Etsy, but it always seemed outside my scope but I feel so much more confident now! 😭✨


Peek at Kelsie’s shop she launched with the course!

Inside the course

Say goodbye to the technical struggle and get your shop running on Showit + Woocommerce.

Module 1 — Showit setup + what you’ll need
Module 2 — Installation & must-haves
Module 3 — Pages you need for Woocommerce
Module 4 — Single product page template creation
Module 5 — How to add a product to wooo
Module 6 — Custom Category pages
Module 7 — Woocommerce admin settings
Module 8 — Extras and advanced code

Who’s behind this course?

Hi, I’m Ingrid! 

I have a superpower for helping small businesses add a shop to their Showit websites so they can add a passive income stream to their revenue and increase their conversions.

Some amazing results like doubling their conversions and increasing their shop revenue with simple strategies are the kind of magic I bring to the table.

All that to say: I know my stuff. 

I know it’s hard, and I want you to get started.

I help my clients build and launch a shop in their Showit website with strategy-led conversion design so that they can grow their revenue and impact.

This course is
for you if…

You are a digital business owner who uses Showit to host their main website and wants to expand their reach with a shop.

You want to make your digital or physical products available online.

You want to increase sales and revenue by expanding your operations to online sales.

You use blogging, social media, and email marketing tools to promote your products and services.

This course is
for you if…

You are not using Showit for your website.

You do not want to learn a new shop system.

You don’t want to do it yourself and prefer to hire this out.

You need hep with strategizing your products (this is focused don the tech, not growth strategies)

say no more, I'm in

Pick your plan.
See you inside.


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Do you have questions? 
Let’s clear those up for you.

What is Woocommerce unleashed?

This is a step-by-step course created to guide small business owners to make passive income, have full control & confidence in their Woocommerce & Showit online shop, and save the time and hassle of outsourcing the tech when hiring designers isn't an option in their current season of business. Learn how to connect the tech and start creating beautiful, customized page.

Who is this course for?

This is built for small businesses who have their main website in SHowit and are now wanting to add da shop that can grow with them using Woocommerce. And even designers who want to learn how to use Woocommerce for their own clients can join!

What will I learn from the course?

 have packed this course with step-by-step lessons covering the entire process of connecting your ShowIt website to your WooCommerce shop. 

You will get easy-to-follow instructions for setting up your pages and customizations, a checklist to make sure you're prepared, and you will have the option to join a private community for direct support from me. You can join when you need support and cancel when you don't. 

Will I have access to support during the course?

You will have the option to join a private community to have direct access to me. You can join when you need support and cancel when you don't. Inside my private student community you will be able to ask me questions as you go through the course modules! I want to make sure you feel confident moving ahead while you build your shop!

Be mindful that this course doesn't replace a 1:1 mentoring or a full-shop consultancy.

I truly believe in this course and how it can help you launch your shop with ease.

As soon as you join you will get access to this digital offer, please know there are no refunds, all sales are final. If you have questions before joining simply send me an email to