Imagine higher conversion rates, thanks to timely and relevant offers — that’s what a tracker gives you.

The clearer you are, the less energy you spend “figuring it out”. This is for small business owners struggling to create new, targeted offers and identify gaps in their current offers. 

It is an effective way to gain insights from data-driven decisions, and create more effective marketing campaigns, all rooted in your brand.

This is built for small businesses, even those who are introverts or have low or fluctuating energy levels like me, to create a clear map to help them efficiently focus their offers.


When you create your very own Customer Journey Offer Tracker following my lead inside Offer Synergy, you’ll easily map your unique customer journey and track your timely, relevant offers that help boost conversion rates and bring more revenue in the door. 

Yes, this is exactly what i need!

A course (broken down into actionable and bingeable video chunks) plus a copy of my personal offer tracker (Google Sheet!) to get you started fast!

Thanks for the very clear and helpful course and Offer Tracker. I love your Offer Tracker, it helped me clarify and organize my offers.


A tailor-made customer journey and offer tracker that will help you drive your business forward.

With a customer journey offer tracker, you’ll find it easier than ever to identify gaps in your current offers and create new, targeted ones that cater to your customers’ specific needs at different stages of their journey. 

This is especially helpful for multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want a clear map to know where they should be spending their time, what offer to promote first, for which stage of your journey (for ultimate messaging insight),

Timely and relevant offers help your people find their way into your universe of offers.

Plus, your marketing efforts will be optimized by targeting the right customers with the right offers at the right time, boosting your ROI with timely bumps, upsells, and related offers.

say no more, I'm in

“Ingrid thinks about every design decision she makes carefully, and within the context of her client’s business big-picture goals.”

Creating a plan, matters. People notice (in a good way)

Eryn Morgan

The living , breathing document you create inside Offer Synergy can help you achieve some pretty awesome things:

Unlock Greater Opportunities with Timely Offers

Grow your small business by better understanding your unique customer journey, how you are serving your audience at each touch point and tailoring your offers to their needs per stage. Helping you deliver the right message at the right time for maximum engagement.

Effortless Insight: always ready for your next offer

With a customer journey offer tracker, you can effortlessly access insight into how best to allocate marketing resources (and brain power 🧠), targeting the right customers with the right offers at the right time. Easily make timely bumps, upsells, and related offers, leading to increased ROI and greater control over their business.

Build Loyalty With Customers and Maximize Revenue

Every interaction with customers is an opportunity to deliver quality experiences and build loyalty. By leveraging this opportunity, you can create relationships that will keep customers coming back, reducing customer attrition and increasing the long-term value of each customer.

Track your Customer Journey (the easy way)

Whether your a new or seasoned business owner, knowing where your customers are at on their journey helps you personalize and tailor experiences to their needs, improving the customer experience and making it more likely customers remain with you for the long run. This ultimately leads to an amplified brand visibility.

I’ve seen this story before. When I saw how my own clients struggled for lack of a true “map” on what to focus their attention when creating offers, I couldn’t stand still.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

I’m Ingrid, your resident brand & web expert crafting strong (sustainable) brands, tea lover and dog momma.

This is not “If I did it so can you”

I will teach you everything I know on how to map your very own customer journey offer tracker. (With a handy dandy template to get you started). This is about making it work for you.

say less. Give it to me.

By now I’ve given you a lot of information but…

Yui (my pup there) thinks you might have questions? Thought so. Let me answer those for you.

What is Offer Synergy: Build Your Customer Journey Offer Tracker?

A deep dive course into identifying your own customer journey stages and how to build an offer tracker using the same techniques I us with my clients. 

Bundled up with a templete you can use to make it easier to start.

What features does Offer Synergy provide?

This is course that comes with video modules going deep into customer journey mapping strategies that teach you how to make profitable moves with your offers. All while equipping you with my personal tracker template to make things super easy.

How do I use Offer Synergy to create targeted offers?

We’ll go over the foundation of actually mapping your customer journey — then we will round up your offers to ensure they are all tracked and properly tracked depending on what phase of your customer journey are thy serving.

Then when you have a new offer idea, you can simply go back to your tracker and make things happen with the ease of knowing which idea to execute first.

Can I use this for my clients?

I'm flattered, but nope. Upon purchase, you will be granted a single personal use license for both the course and template. This license is non-transferable and only applicable for personal use. You are strictly prohibited from sharing, redistributing, uploading or reselling any part of the template or course material.

Ready to create your tracker with me?

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I truly believe in this method and how it can help you increase your bottom line revenue thanks to more effective marketing strategies and targeted offers.

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