In conjunction with our i and l photography company we create a killer combo to provide you with videography and video editing services.

If your style is: relaxed, fun with a lifestyle documentary approach video to capture your passion, you've found your videographers!

we love to shoot behind the scenes, help you create a spotlight product video, create b-roll and even edit your own footage.

Video Editing

So I guess you have some footage you need edited?

Awesome! When we can't shoot for you, we can still edit your footage! From prepping it with clean cuts and transitions, to adding text, graphics and animated logos. Yup.

We love helping you get the perfect video for your workshop, tutorials, messages to your audience, walkthroughs... you name it!

We work with Final Cut Pro X to deliver the best quality in the format that you need for your intended use! And if you have no clue of what you need, we got your back :)

We can help you from planning, shooting guidance, editing and figuring out delivery to your audience.

what you can get

• Animated logos

• Video tutorials or trainings

• Welcome videos

• Youtube intros & outros

• Scrolling mockups

• Podcast cover (audio waveform movement)

• Social media promo videos (short versions)

• GIFs

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cinematic lifestyle

you want an amazing new video created. we got you covered anywhere in the world.

Let me keep it short and sweet: Each project is unique. Some require extensive setup in your space, some will entitle a relaxed stroll downtown with our lenses following you around, creating unique footage for you. 

We love showing your personality, the little details that make your product or service unique. We plan and produce your videos with a goal in mind so you connect with your audience and get the best out of your investment. (After working 8+ years in the live TV industry, we have an eye for it.)

Videography packages start at $1,200 and always come with professional video editing to deliver a polished, finished product ready to use. Professional photography can be added to any video package upon request.

Let's plan, get in touch and we can brainstorm what you need and how we can help you achieve it!

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What to expect!

Videography has different stages: planning, shooting, editing and delivery. Most projects we shoot are done in one day (half or full day of shooting) and then skillfully edited, and that is where most hours go by! Even the small projects get our full attention, no cutting corners.


1 week

Usually we have at least a week to connect with you and set a plan of action for what's best to achieve your goals.

Shooting Day

half or full day

The most common is to have up to a full day of shooting (8 hours) but if your project requires multiple days, we can work it.

Proof review

2 weeks

Time to see your very first proof! You'll have the opportunity to give us feedback so we can refine it to perfection.


This is it. I will prep your final files for delivery, and we are now close to poppin' that bubbly to celebrate your brand new film!