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20 Free stock photos for creatives


20 Free style stock photos with a warm and relaxed vibe, perfect for photographers and social media managers! |

I am SO excited about this set. It’s all filled with warm light, gold accents, relaxed textures…ah!! It ties in my love of photography + social media. Everywhere you look there is a new flatlay, which pretty much looks the same as that other account, and that one, and yeah that one.

But before it get’s a wrong feeling: I love me some flatlays! Using them and creating them! But every now and then I lalalove having a unique image that looks real. There. I said it. Real.

I wanted something different and this particular set has a “lived in”, relaxed, feminine style written all over. And this set is like a taste combined from 3 sets. One winter-colors inspired, one home decor and one photo + social media. But I decided to put together a good bunch to give it to you. Yep. For free. Because why not? I loved taking these images, and I can’t just keep them to myself!!

I know there are many of you who do not use all white everything in your stock images, so that’s were I got so inspired to snap these! A little luxe, a little relaxed. It’s all about keeping balance, right?

Wanna take a peek?

Before using styled stock photos consider your brand colors

That’s right. I love this set, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. There plenty of ways to make a stock photo “yours”, from putting color overlays, text, adding filters, etc. But I am in a permanent mode of working smarter not harder, so if I want to use styled stock photos that look and feel real, not “stocksy”, then I start by picking stock photos that suit my brand 🙂 Think about it! Is your imagery style dark an moody? Light and airy? Think about the accents: woods, metallics, textiles… Taking these details into consideration makes using stock photos work for yuor brand 1000% times better!

Oh and this freebie has something more than just 20 free styled stock photos for creatives, my friend. Oh ho ho ho… This free set comes with TWO bonus mockups!! Like, YES! Layered PSD mockups ready to use 🙂

I see so many mockups for iPads and iMacs and yet the phone mockups are all plain, and just sitting there. I little uninspiring if you ask me! So I got a cropped one to add interest and a perspective one. Yup, the phone is literally laying down and the depth of field is preserved! 🙌 Can I get a woot woot!! 🙌

Super easy to use! Even if you’ve never used a mockup before 😉 You’ll fall in love with how easy it is!

How to use a mockup of a styled stock photo

Did I not tell you it was easy?! And I love that these mockups have perspective AND reflections, like, it’s real. It’s a real photo!

Grab your free 20 styled stock photos 👇 

DM me on Insta and tell me what other styled stock photos would you love to see as freebies? Talk to me about color themes and you got me hooked 💜

’till next time!




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